Designation Guidelines

To designate your gift, please complete this form and a pledge card. In order for United Way to process your designated gift, please print legibly and return the Designation Form to your campaign manager. Due to the cost of processing, only individual gifts and designations of $50 or more per designated agency can be honored. Lesser amounts will contribute to the United Way of the Midlands Community Care Fund.


Your gift supports a network of health and human services in Douglas, Sarpy, Pottawattamie and 18 other counties that serve people at all points in the human lifespan – from infants to senior citizens. Community volunteers help invest donor dollars in programs that address the basic needs of our most vulnerable neighbors, including those that help children and young adults prepare for success in school and the workplace.


United Way will honor designations to agencies whose programs are funded by, or are consistent with its mission to impact poverty. If you choose to direct your gift to a specific agency, please note the following guidelines: The receiving agency must be classified as a 501(c)(3) organization (and included in IRS Publication 78), with a primary mission to deliver health or human services within the boundaries of the 21-county area covered by UWM. This includes: Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, Saunders, Washington, Burt, Dodge, Nemaha, and Thurston counties in Nebraska; and Pottawattamie, Adair, Cass, Fremont, Mills, Montgomery, Adams, Crawford, Harrison, Monona, Page, and Shelby counties in Iowa.

Organizations that may not be considered eligible: cultural institutions, churches, schools, animal welfare agencies, environmental organizations, political organizations or governmental entities. (Educational foundations are eligible.) All payments received will be paid out on a quarterly basis. 

Please note: Donor designated pledges to a named agency are assessed a fundraising and processing fee based on actual historical costs in accordance with United Way Worldwide Membership Standards, as outlined in its publication titled United Way Worldwide Cost Deduction Requirements for Membership Standard M. If applicable, an assessment for uncollectible pledges may also apply.For more information, please contact

*Updated September 2016