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ConAgra Foods Truckload Sale Benefits United Way


Thousands of people stood in line on September 28th, hoping to get a deal on ConAgra Foods, Inc. frozen meals.  Four semi trucks were lined up and ready for the crowd, offering four brands of ConAgra products: Bertolli, PF Chang's, Marie Calendar, and Banquet.  It's a sale that is highly anticipated every year by the public, as seen by the increasing numbers of attendees.

At the heart of the sale is ConAgra's desire to give back to the community.  The sale not only benefits the general public with great food at discount rates, but also benefits United Way of the Midlands, bringing us a step closer to our yearly campaign goal.  The sale is also a part of Omaha Diversity Week, which is a collaboration between ConAgra, Union Pacific Railroad, Wells Fargo Bank, Omaha Public Power District, Mutual of Omaha, and many others.  These companies work together to run this event to help United Way benefit our surrounding community.

"We all know that United Way is a great organization to be able to donate and give back to as a part of the community," said Damita Byrd, an employee of ConAgra Foods.  "(The event) comes from a benefit from all of our companies who do something with United Way at some part of the year.  We just felt that because we are already connected to United Way, it would be a great opportunity to donate the funds from today's sale to United Way as well."

A big thank you to all of the companies involved and to ConAgra Foods, Inc. for organizing and providing products for the sale.