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Alexis de Tocqueville Society

For nearly 95 years, United Way donors have provided critical funding to help our neighbors meet their most basic of needs including access to healthy food, medical care, safe and affordable housing and academic supports, with the ultimate goal of helping families achieve long-term financial stability. The dedicated and passionate leaders of the Tocqueville Society champion this important work, knowing that we all have a stake in the strengthening of our community.

As Tocqueville Society Members, you help set the standard for charitable giving in the Omaha- Council Bluffs metro and are at the forefront of creating positive change while tackling our community’s toughest issues. Membership is open to individuals and couples who contribute $10,000 or more annually.

By being a part of this remarkable group, you have an opportunity to make a lasting difference that will impact the generations of tomorrow.

La Table Ronde des Millions de Dollars:

Members who have given $1,000,000 or more cumulatively throughout their lifetime.

Ordre de Prospérité:

$750,000 to $999,999

Ordre de Connaissance:

$500,000 to $749,999

Ordre d’indépendance:

$250,000 to $499,999

La Société Nationale:

$100,000 to $249,000

Ordre de Fraternité:

$75,000 to $99,999

Ordre d’Egalité:

$50,000 to $74,999

Ordre de Liberté:

$25,000 to $49,999

Ordre d’Altruiste

$20,000 to $24,999

Ordre de Classique:

$15,000 to $19,999

Membres de la Société:

$10,000 to $14,999

o * – Deceased
o ^ – Charter Members

La Table Ronde des Millions de Dollars:
  • Robert B. Daugherty Foundation
  • John and Carmen Gottschalk
  • Peter Kiewit Foundation
  • Peter Kiewit Endowment Fund
  • Suzanne* and Walter Scott ^
  • Ann and Ken Stinson

Three Anonymous Donors

Ordre d’indépendance:
  • Holland Foundation
La Société Nationale:
  • Weitz Family Foundation

One Anonymous Donor

Ordre d’Egalité:
  • Henry A. Davis
  • Mammel Family Foundation
  • Sue and Steve Seline
  • Marsha R. and Mark R. Wright
Ordre de Liberté:
  • Jack and Judy Baker
  • Mogens and Cindy Bay
  • Julie and Lance Fritz
  • Howard L. and Rhonda A. Hawks
  • The Heider Family Foundation
  • Matt and Donna Johnson
  • Jack and Steph Koraleski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Lauritzen
  • Susan and Michael Lebens Family
  • Dr. Amy M. Haddad and Mr. Steven S. Martin
  • William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation
  • Betiana and Todd Simon
  • Annette L. and Paul G. Smith
  • Robert H. Storz Foundation
  • Carol and Mike Whetstine
  • Joan Gibson and Donald Wurster

One Anonymous Donor

Ordre d’Altruiste:
  • Andrea and Trevor Barton
  • Jerry and Ann Crouse
  • Jim and Anne Greisch
  • Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchbock Foundation
  • Robert and Addie Hollingsworth
  • Gail and Harry Koch
  • Ronald Lewer
  • Dan and Shirley Neary
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. O’Neill
  • Ms.Terri Schrager
  • Jim and Kathy Simpson
  • Dottie and Stanley Truhlsen
Ordre de Classique:
  • Dan and Esther Brabec
  • Tim and Linda Daugherty
  • Diane Duren and Drew Collier
  • Mr. and Mrs. Drew Fossum
  • Ramona and Deryl Hamann
  • Daniel Hamann
  • Lori and Paul Hogan
  • Mark and Alice Jaksich
  • Julie and Eric Keen
  • Kirk L. Kellner
  • Gwen A. Teeple and E. Lyle Kinley, Jr.
  • Patty and C.L. Landen
  • Diny and Jim Landen
  • Nancy A. and Michael R. McCarthy
  • Rondalyn and Robert Mitchell
  • Linda and Larry Pearson
  • Mr. Robert A. Reed
  • Stacie and Rob Reed
  • Colleen and Scott Schmidt
  • Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation
  • Ellen and Richard Slosburg
  • Martha and David Slosburg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Deb Spackler
  • Jack and Polly Struyk
  • Frederick Wooldridge and Julieann Wooldridge
Membres de la Société
  • Len and Daun Adams
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Maureen Anderl
  • Marian Andersen^
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Andersen
  • Tal and Mary Joy Anderson Family
  • Steve and Sheri Andrews
  • John Arp
  • Richard G. Azizkhan, M.D.
  • Jean C. Bell
  • Jeff and Kate Betsworth
  • Ken and Annie Bird
  • Paula and James Blackledge
  • Irv and Susie Blumkin
  • Chris and Ron Blumkin
  • Katrina and Steve Booker
  • Maureen and Nicholas Borman
  • Danielle and Dana Bradford
  • Matt and Linda Brandl
  • Gerald and Joanne Bray
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edson L. Bridges III
  • David and Maggie Brown
  • Stephen and Anne Bruckner
  • Timothy and Terri Burke
  • Cynthia and Eric Butler
  • Michael and Elizabeth Cassling
  • Tony and Nancy Chacon
  • Linda and Steve Chase
  • Larry and Diane Cochran
  • Claire and Tim Connolly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cornish
  • Pat and Susan Courtney
  • Greg and Nancy Crawford
  • C.C. and Mabel Criss Memorial Foundation
  • Tim and Mary Crockett
  • Robert and Susi Dalrymple
  • Daniel DeBehnke
  • John and Mrs. Gail DeBoer
  • Matthew DeBoer
  • Pat and Michele Dees
  • Aimee and Trent Demulling
  • David and Carolyn Diamond
  • Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Dodge, Jr.
  • Meg and Nate Dodge
  • Michael and Jan Doiel
  • Mark Dolsky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Dorador
  • Jon P. and Kay M. Doyle
  • Patrick and Melissa Duffy
  • Rae and Bill Dyer
  • Mike and Debbie Earleywine
  • Quint and Alison English
  • John and Kathy Estes
  • Rhonda and Clayton Ferguson
  • Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fitzgerald*
  • Grant and Shawna Forsberg
  • Mike and Shelley Foutch
  • Kathy and Gary Gates
  • Carol and Michael Geary
  • Kathy and Bill Gerber
  • Danielle and Jeff Gordman
  • Steve and Barb Grandfield
  • Thomas Haley
  • Jennifer Hamann and Kippy King
  • Julie Hamann
  • Traci and Tim Harrison, CFP, MSFS, CPWA
  • Timothy D. and Debra J. Hart
  • Karen and Kim Hawkins
  • Marianne and Fred Hawkins, Jr.
  • Chris and Kayla Hawkins
  • Greg Heckman and Family
  • Kimberly and Jason Hess
  • Doug and Kathy Hiemstra
  • Heidi Higgason & Brad Negrete
  • Scott and Terri Hill
  • Dean and Lisa Hollis
  • Richard and Susan Hrabchak
  • Fred Hunzeker
  • Michael and Lauren Hupp
  • Wes and Sherrye Hutcherson
  • Beth Jensen, Kutak Rock LLP
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kaniewski
  • David and Kris Karnes
  • Bill Kernen
  • Dan and Kari Kinsella
  • Kari Kirchhoefer
  • Rob and Julie Knight
  • Kent Knudsen
  • Sharon and Howard Kooper
  • John and Wende Kotouc
  • Jackie and Terry Kroeger Family
  • Mary S. Landen*
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. Rex and Janet Latta
  • Clark and Emily Lauritzen
  • Tom and Emily Lischer
  • Tina and Dan Lonergan
  • Mary and Rodrigo Lopez
  • Paul and Julie Maass
  • Dale Mackel
  • Bill and Nicki Manhart
  • Rod and Betsy Markin
  • Trina and Scott McCollister
  • Timothy and Joan McGill
  • Todd and Barb McQueen
  • Kathy and Cal Meyer
  • Galen and Tiffany Meysenburg
  • Moglia Family Foundation – Joe Moglia, Trustee
  • Scott Moore and Danene Tushar
  • Michael and Wendy Moran
  • Anne and John Nelson
  • Senator and Mrs. E. Benjamin Nelson
  • The Noddle Family Charitable Foundation
  • Kathy and Joe O’Connor
  • Jerry O’Flanagan
  • Charles L O’Reilly Jr.
  • The Robert E. Owen Family
  • Jill and Jon Panzer
  • Cassandra and Gary Pietrok
  • Duane and Kathleen Polodna
  • Ron and Teri Quinn
  • Ginny and Marty Reagan
  • John and Lynda Reed
  • Robert and Jennifer Richardson
  • Kenny and April Rocker
  • Amy & Mike Ryan
  • Kelly and Todd Rynaski
  • Tom and Deb Sanders
  • Barb and Ron Schaefer
  • Joann Schaefer and Mr. Phil Haines
  • Aaron and Kathryn Schapper
  • Amy and Jeff Schmid
  • Stacy A. Scholtz
  • Beth and Harley Schrager
  • Toby and Molly Schropp
  • John A. and Dianne M. Scott
  • Karen and Cameron Scott
  • Mr. and Mrs. David* and Heidi Seeley
  • Jeff and Becky Sharp
  • Kristi and Cory Shaw
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simon
  • Kenneth and Ellen Stoll
  • Janet Strauss^
  • Sue and Lynden Tennison
  • Scot and Ellen Thompson
  • Brad and Ann Thrasher
  • Tracy and Matt Tondl
  • Christopher J. Tonniges
  • Edward J. Vidlak
  • Mike and Deb Wade
  • Julie and Jim Wajda
  • Kyle Wallor
  • Tricia and Mark Weber
  • Katie Weitz
  • Joni Wheeler
  • Kelvin and Beth Whited
  • Douglas S. and Jane E. Wignall
  • Clint and Christine Williams
  • Tim and Beth Wilson
  • The Omnium Foundation
  • Pam and Rick Witt
  • Nancy and Philip Wolf
  • Brian and Tara Woolfolk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Yanney^

Nineteen Anonymous Donors

Tocqueville Step-Ups:
  • David and Pamela Duzik
  • Matt and Teri Mercer
  • David J. Moline

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