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Supporting Non-Profits in Omaha, NE – 2018 (July – December)

As businesspeople, while working hard towards our goals, we also know that we play an important part in making our community a better place. We are invested in those efforts because it allows us to build our businesses as well as raise our families, cultivate friendships, and lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Here in the greater Omaha metropolitan area, you’ll find many people working together to care for one another, to give a hand up to those in need for the greater good, to protect our environment, and to make our city the best place to live and work it can possibly be. In a community that understands the importance of giving back and places a lot of value in it, you’ll also find it to be a big part of corporate culture here in small and large businesses alike. Supporting our local non-profit organizations is something that we can all do to give back individually – and to truly make a difference collectively.