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Originally published: November 13, 2022

Author of ‘Maid,’ who clawed way out of poverty, has message for Omahans

Until a few years ago, best-selling author Stephanie Land made a meager living as a housecleaner.

One company she worked for had a rule: Don’t leave anything behind. Make it appear that you never were there — “like some kind of ghost,” Land says.

She got to know some of her clients a bit, but with most people, she felt invisible.

And that’s how many in society view their neighbors who struggle with poverty, she says.

Land wrote “Maid,” a 2019 memoir about her life as a hardworking and poor single mom. It spent nine weeks on the New York Times list of best-selling nonfiction books and was the basis for a 10-episode series on Netflix that reached 67 million households.

She recently visited Omaha to speak at a meeting of the Tocqueville Society, a group for upper-level donors to United Way of the Midlands, which is currently in the middle of its annual campaign.

United Way President and CEO Shawna Forsberg told the group that Land — who struggled through hardship in the Pacific Northwest — had an important story to tell people in Nebraska.

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