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United Way of the Midlands: Community Ambassador Program

The Community Ambassador (CA) program brings individuals from across the area together to support United Way of the Midlands’ (UWM) fundraising efforts during our annual campaign – a community-wide effort that raises millions of dollars and engages nearly 600 organizations each year.

Community Ambassadors work at UWM full time from mid-August to mid-November during the annual campaign. They extend the reach of the fundraising team, ensuring thousands of people can engage with UWM and the community. This campaign season, we had another incredible group of Community Ambassadors, including one who was graciously loaned to us from OPPD.

The position of Community Ambassador was posted as a job opening at OPPD, and one of my directors suggested I take a look at the role. From public speaking to networking, the opportunity to grow my skills has been incredible. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. At UWM, they treat everyone with value. When people ask how was my day, I can say every day has been great. OPPD is an incredible place to work, so it was an excellent opportunity to work temporarily elsewhere and see what it is like to work in another sector.

Andrew Eberhardt

2022 Community Ambassador

One of my mentors recommended the Community Ambassador program to me, and I have been able to develop my skillsets. I am shy, and now I am incredibly comfortable with public speaking. I was able to serve as a translator to over 400 people at a campaign kickoff for Zachary. That is an experience I will never forget! I’ve grown a lot as a person, gained many friendships and am now working at UWM full time. I am walking away from this experience with a lot.

Denise Hernandez

2022 Community Ambassador

Professional Development Opportunities

Community Ambassadors gain valuable community engagement and professional development skills during their time at UWM:

  • Public speaking
  • Fundraising and sales experience
  • Account management
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) software
  • Knowledge of community needs
Being a Community Ambassador has been a great experience. It is a great way to step into nonprofit roles and understand the different careers that exist. Jumping into campaigns, kickoff events and speaking with crowds of people I hadn’t met before helped me grow in confidence and public speaking. Meeting with donors from our corporate partners and seeing that connection of support for the community has been great.
Lauren Bloomquist

2022 Community Ambassador

Community Ambassador Impact

Each year, Community Ambassadors collectively raise $1 million or more during the UWM campaign. These funds are invested in local nonprofit programs that work together to form a Circle of Support for people who are struggling. When our neighbors have access to essential needs, education and financial stability supports, they can address multiple problems at once and regain stability during difficult times.

Being a Community Ambassador has been a great experience, learning from my fellow Community Ambassadors and everyone here at UWM. Working on the Millard and Omaha Public Schools campaigns has been very rewarding as I saw the excitement and the change we are making for the youth in our community. I am walking away from the experience with an understanding of the giving spirit in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro. Statistics show the reality of staggering amounts of poverty and hardship in our community, but UWM and the hundreds of agencies they support create impactful change.

Maddie Cunningham

2022 Community Ambassador

For more information about the Community Ambassador program, please contact Erin Moran at emoran@uwmidlands.org.

Forming a Circle of Support

With the help of our Community Ambassadors, we will provide more than four million services that will address social and economic disparities in the areas of essential needs, education and financial stability throughout our community.

For more information about the impact of UWM’s community investments, click below: