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United Way of the Midlands has been a trusted charity since 1923, and we are committed to connecting individuals, organizations and nonprofits to better understand the needs in our community and tackle them. When you donate to United Way of the Midlands, you can feel knowing your donation goes further, helping to fund more than 110 local nonprofit programs that are making a difference.


of every dollar goes right back into our community.

engage in fundraising efforts with United Way of the Midlands.

in need were served in 2017-2018 thanks to our donors.

Thank you to our Campaign chairs, James and Paula Blackledge!

We are so grateful to James and Paula for stepping into this vital role and supporting our 2019-2020 Campaign year. James is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of Mutual of Omaha. Mutual of Omaha is a full-service, multi-line organization providing insurance, banking and financial products for individuals, businesses and groups throughout the United States. For more information, visit www.mutualofomaha.com.

Running a Successful Campaign

We have the tools to help you make your United Way campaign stand out. Check out best practices proven to engage, excite and ultimately unite your team.

1. Getting Started

  • Set up a meeting with your donor engagement rep to analyze past results and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Create a timeline. Don’t let your campaign sneak up on you!
  • Develop a communications plan to inspire employees and teach them about United Way

2. Build your committee

  • Find strong leaders in your organization to help you plan and implement your campaign.
  • Ask your donor engagement rep for tips and suggestions about engaging your committee.
  • Most organizations with less than 50 employees have a 5-person committee, larger organizations may have committees as large as 15 members.

3. Develop your plan

  • Work with your committee to choose a theme, create fundraising activities and incentives for employees and plan a thank you event where you can share results with your organization.
  • Make goals and share them in your communications. Everyone should understand what they are collectively working towards. Your donor engagement rep can help you figure out donation impact and share it with your team.
  • Get inspired! Keep scrolling to find tried and true fundraising activities in the Campaign Ideas section.

4. Build momentum

  • Utilize United Way materials. Keep scrolling to find printed and digital materials, emails and success stories.
  • Follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedin and Twitter! We will be posting many photos of workplace campaigns.
  • Schedule a kickoff event for every employee to attend, or schedule a rally in conjunction with another meeting, such as a staff or safety meeting.
5. Engage Leadership
  • Have your CEO send a personalized letter or e-mail encouraging employee participation.
  • Encourage them to attend campaign events and endorse United Way at them.
6. Kickoff your campaign!
  • Take photos at events and share them on your intranet and social media. If you would like United Way to share your images, send content to your donor engagement rep.
  • For companies using e-pledging, an electronic contribution link will be sent on the day of the kickoff and donors will receive an immediate “thank you” once a gift is submitted.
  • Have FUN!

7. Wrap up your campaign

  • Complete and sign the Campaign Report Form. If there are additional donations after the final report has been turned in, contact your donor engagement rep.
  • Complete the Bridgebuilders Society list and return it in the campaign report envelope. Update the list to include new members and members who are no longer at your company.
  • Do something nice to say “Thank you!!” Serve a hot breakfast, order pizza for lunch, hold an ice cream social or bring in snacks.

Campaign Ideas

Find the inspiration you need to put on a fun and impactful campaign this year!

Small Budget Ideas

  • BINGO Distribute Bingo cards to employees (pay to play). Every day, email a Bingo number to all participants. The first one to reply with “BINGO” wins. The Bingo game continues until all prizes are distributed.
  • TAILGATE PARTY Hold a pay-per-plate cookout during lunch. Cook brats, burgers and hot dogs with condiments. Have chips, pretzels, soda and other tailgating items.
  • CHILI COOK-OFF Participants pay to enter their chili into the contest. Choose judges and determine prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. After judging, employees can pay to sample each chili. Remember to supply cheese, sour cream, crackers, TUMS, etc.

Have a larger budget to work with? Consider these options:

  • OFFICE OLYMPICS Have a plaque, medal or stuffed animal as an incentive for the department that wins the highest per capita giving award or raises the most money at a particular fundraiser. They keep said item until next year’s campaign.
  • EXECUTIVE DUNK TANK Pay per ball for a chance to dunk your boss or pay a higher fee to walk up and press the “dunk” button. Participants pay extra to add a bag of ice to the dunk tank water.
  • EMPLOYEE 5K FUN RUN Have employees and family members participate in an informal 5k run/walk and charge a fee with all proceeds going to your campaign.

Awareness Ideas

  • COMPLIMENT GRAMS Design notes of thanks or congratulations for co-workers to buy and send to each other.
  • CHANGE BANDIT A co-worker dresses as a bandit and visits employees to procure spare change.
  • SPARE CHANGE JARS Place empty jars near vending machines or gathering places. Ask employees to deposit spare change throughout the year for United Way. This can be a competition between departments.
  • WHITE ELEPHANT SALE Employees donate odd items for the sale. Co-workers have the opportunity to buy items and can pay to display items in someone’s workspace.
  • SPELLING BEE Hold a spelling bee and charge an entry fee. Have galley observers place bets on their favorite participants.
  • DONATION DRIVE Employees donate new or slightly used books, videos, DVDs, board games, puzzles, etc. and hold a sale to benefit United Way.
  • HAUNTED CUBICLE Offer the opportunity to “lease” an empty office or cubicle space that employee teams can decorate. The final day of the campaign, have employees vote on the best cubicle space by donating to the one they like the most.

*NEW Nothing Bundt Cakes Fundraiser

Looking for a simple way to give back that doesn’t involve a lot of legwork? This year we are partnering with Nothing Bundt Cakes to do just that! Click the buttons below to learn more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about what your donation can do by scheduling a volunteer opportunity for your team.

Agency-Site Volunteer Events

Interested in learning more about what your dollars do in our community? Schedule a volunteer opportunity with your team and roll up your sleeves as you help a local pantry stock shelves, pull weeds at a community garden, revitalize a playroom with fresh paint and more. Contact our Director of Volunteer Engagement to create a custom volunteer opportunity at 402-522-7949.

GOOD on the Go

This opportunity helps boost employee engagement, foster teamwork and build morale as employees work together to assemble materials for local agencies, such as a Hygiene Kit for someone experiencing homelessness. Align your company’s philanthropic values with volunteerism and give your employees the opportunity to give back in a tangible way. Contact our Director of Volunteer Engagement for more information and pricing at 402-522-7949.

Printed Materials

Find posters, flyers, brochures and more to utilize during your campaign and help educate your team about United Way.

Digital Materials

Find materials and content to share through email, intranet and social media.

Images and graphics

To use in emails, documents, social media and more!

Pre-made emails

This Word Document features multiple emails you can customize to meet your organization’s needs.

Click here to download.



This PDF features several community success stories for you to share with your team.

Click here to download.



2019 Community Stories

Attendance Matters


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Meet Our Team

Our donor engagement representatives are here to support you every step of the way!

Mindy Lerum

Director, Corporate Relations

Shanna Murphy

AFL-CIO Community Services Labor Liaison

Evan Schmeits

AFL-CIO Community Services Labor Liaison

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