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Academic Supports


School and Family Enrichment (SAFE)

Child Saving Institute, Inc.

The focus of the School and Family Enrichment (SAFE) program is to promote school success and reduce barriers to academic achievement. This is done through a combination of strategies including: engaging parents and students in planning to improve attendance; providing resources and supports to families; and addressing barriers to school attendance. Child Saving Institute’s (CSI) SAFE program provides a two-generation approach with in-home and in-school support services to elementary students and their families.

South Omaha Schools Collaborative: Strengthening families to support student success

Father Flanagan’s Boys Home


Through the South Omaha Schools Collaborative, Boys Town Care Coordinators are embedded in South High and Marrs Middle School to work with youth who have academic and attendance concerns. Care Coordinators work together with teachers and school counselors to engage the student’s family. This collaborative approach establishes healthy communication between home and school. Care Coordinators are accessible 24/7 where parents are connected with resources focusing on employment, housing, or immigration. Others may enroll in case management, join a parenting class, and get therapy for their children through Boys Town.

GOALS Center

Greater Omaha Attendance and Learning Services

The GOALS Center approaches school absenteeism with a wraparound model and through a prevention lens to eliminate barriers to school attendance for students and families. By preventing involvement in formal systems (like court) and reducing school absences through assessment of needs and service coordination, the needs of students and families can be met so that students are able to be present in the classroom and fully benefit from their education.

Pathways to Success

Latino Center of the Midlands

Pathways to Success at the core, is a dedicated, bilingual team who believe in the promise and ability of all youth and families. Three program areas integrate to meet the goals of educational equity, future success, and family integrity. The School-Based Attendance Program is facilitated at Omaha South, Bryan, Bellevue West High, and Marrs Middle. Case management, career, college, and leadership development reach youth exhibiting chronic absenteeism.

Omaha Home for Boys Residential Care Education Services

Omaha Home for Boys


The young men served by OHB’s Residential Care Program typically have a history of poor school attendance, grade retention, and disengagement from school due to academic failure and school disciplinary issues. Many also have lower literacy and numeracy skills than their peers. The objective of the educational services provided by OHB’s Residential Care Program is to reconnect youth to school before their disconnection becomes permanent and does irreparable harm. The educational services provided by OHB increase the likelihood that youth will be able to graduate from high school or obtain their GED and experience a successful transition to adulthood.

Truancy Reduction Program (Youth Attendance Navigators)

Urban League of Nebraska, Inc.


The Urban League of Nebraska Truancy Reduction Program (Youth Attendance Navigators) reengages middle and high school students who have been identified as having chronic and/or excessive absenteeism. TRP is a court recognized diversion program aimed at offering students an opportunity to stay out of court if they stay in school. ULN currently administers the TRP in six schools:  McMillan Middle School, Monroe Middle School, King Science Middle School, Nathan Hale Middle School,  Benson High School and Northwest High School.

Violence Prevention and Youthful Offender Re-entry Program (Community Coaches)

Urban League of Nebraska, Inc.


The Urban League of Nebraska Violence Prevention Youthful Re-entry Program (Community Coaches) utilizes effective intervention strategies to ensure youth (1) successfully complete the provisions and terms of their supervision, (2) do not re-offend and/or (3) become the victim of a crime. The Community Coaches program engages at-risk and high-risk youth and addresses academic, emotional and physical needs of these youth in a structured environment and prepares individuals for finding stable employment.

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