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Leaders in Giving

Top 100 Companies

United Way of the Midlands recognizes the companies that raised the most for our community during the 2020 campaign.
It is remarkable how the Omaha-Council Bluffs community rallies together each year to support United Way of the Midlands. We are extremely grateful for the support we receive from all 700 of our partner organizations, and we’d like to extend our special gratitude to the 100 companies who raised the most during the last fiscal year.

Tocqueville Society

The Alexis de Tocqueville Society is comprised of those donors who give at a level of $10,000 or more.
When United Way of the Midlands looks to the past, present or future, we see our generous Tocqueville Society members, who contribute $10,000 or more annually to our campaign.

Since the Tocqueville Society was first founded in 1988, they have been championing the work of United Way, giving to those who need it most and encouraging others to do the same. It’s because of their generosity that more than $96 million in Tocqueville donations have been invested back into our community, $5.5 million of which Tocqueville Society members raised in 2018 alone.

We thank them for their extraordinary commitment, which enables us to help those in need today and create a stronger community for tomorrow.

* = deceased 

^ = charter member

La Table Ronde de Millions de Dollars - $1,000,000 or more
Robert B. Daugherty Foundation
John and Carmen Gottschalk
Ellen Karnett Trust
Peter Kiewit Foundation
Peter Kiewit Endowment
Suzanne* and Walter Scott^
Ann and Ken Stinson
And 3 Anonymous Donors
Ordre d’Indépendance - $250,000 - $499,999
John and Elizabeth Lauritzen Foundation
La Société Nationale - $100,000 to $249,999
Siemer Institute for Family Stability
Ordre de Fraternité -$75,000 - $99,999
Bruce and Gerry Lauritzen
Ordre d’Egalité - $50,000 to $74,999
Henry A. Davis
Mammel Family Foundation^
Marsha R. and Mark R. Wright
Ordre de Liberté - $25,000 to $49,999
Jack and Judy Baker
Mogens and Cindy Bay
Ms. Susan Beeghly
Jerry and Ann Crouse
Julie and Lance Fritz
Deryl Hamann
Howard L. and Rhonda A. Hawks
Robert and Addie Hollingsworth
Robert H. Storz Foundation
Matt and Donna Johnson
Eric and Julie Keen
Stephanie and Jack Koraleski
Clark and Emily Lauritzen
Susan and Michael Lebens Family
William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation
Betiana and Todd Simon
Annette and Paul Smith
Brian Woolfolk
Joan L. Gibson and Donald F. Wurster
Carl Riley Brodersen Charitable Trust
And 1 Anonymous Donor
Ordre d’Altruiste - $20,000 to $24,999
Tal and Mary Joy Anderson Family
Daniel Hamann and Joan Squires
Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation
Patty and C.L. Landen
Ronald Lewer
David and Jan Madsen
Cal and Kathy Meyer
Linda and Larry Pearson
Rob and Stacie Reed
Jim and Kathy Simpson
Keith and Deb Spackler
Kelvin and Beth Whited
Slezak Family Charitable Foundation
Ordre de Classique - $15,000 to $19,999
Paula and James Blackledge
Ron and Chris Blumkin
Maureen and Nicholas Borman
Dan and Esther Brabec
Pat and Susan Courtney
Linda Daugherty
Diane Duren and Drew Collier
Home Instead, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kaniewski
E. Lyle Kinley, Jr.
Diny and Jim Landen
Nancy and Mike McCarthy
Robert and Rondalyn Mitchell
The Noddle Family
Mr. Robert Reed
Tom and Deb Sanders
Scott and Colleen Schmidt
Stacy A. Scholtz
Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation
Ellen and Richard Slosburg
Martha and David Slosburg
Jack Struyk
Adah and Leon Millard Foundation
Dr. Gail and Mr. Michael Yanney
And 1 Anonymous Donor
Membres de la Société - $10,000 to $14,999
Len and Daun Adams
Marian B. Andersen^
Avner Applbaum
Shawn Arkfeld
Eric and Cassie Arneson
Sara and Blake Athen
Ms. Jamie Barker
Andrea and Trevor Barton
Anne and Nick Baxter
Rick and Julie Bechtel
Jean Creighton Bell
Mark and Jacqueline Bendon
Scott and Teresa Binder
Dr. Kenneth M. and Annie Bird
Irv and Susie Blumkin
Mr. and Mrs. Printz Bolin
Malorie Bolton Maddox
Danielle and Dana Bradford
Linda and Matt Brandl
Gerald and Joanne Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Edson L. Bridges III
Brian and Crystal Brislen
Pat and Tami Brookhouser
David and Maggie Brown
Lori Bruck
Timothy and Terri Burke
John and Renee Campbell
Hunt Cary
Cassling Family Foundation
Michael and Elizabeth Cassling
Joseph Catapano
Tony and Nancy Chacon
Mr. Dennis P. Circo
Bryan and Joan Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cornish
Jason and Laura Coyle
Greg and Nancy Crawford
Dr. C.C. and Mabel Criss Memorial Foundation
Tim and Mary Crockett
Mr. Brad and Mrs. Laura Crosby
John and Gail DeBoer
Matthew DeBoer
Patrick and Michele Dees
David and Carolyn Diamond
Joshua and Judith Dixon
Meg and Nate Dodge
Sandy and Kate Dodge
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jan Doiel
Tim Donahue
Jon and Kay Doyle
Tom and Lori Druse
Melissa and Patrick Duffy
Pam and David Duzik
Rae and Bill Dyer
Orna Ellickson Hoban and Fergus Hoban
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Elliott
Quint and Alison English
Deb Esser
Marshall Faith
David and Jill Faith
Stephen Farrell
Rex and Deb Fisher
Grant and Shawna Forsberg
Drew and Sandra Fossum
Mark Foster
McGowan Family Foundation
Mike and Shelley Foutch
Timothy and Elizabeth Francis
Kathy and Gary Gates
Michael and Carol Geary
Eric and Becky Gehringer
Kathy and Bill Gerber
Mr. David and Mrs. Jennifer Giandinoto
Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Brady Gibson
Danielle and Jeff Gordman
Steve and Barb Grandfield
Jim and Anne Greisch
Tali Anne and Gary Grosz
Bob and Theresa Gunia
Ms. Jamie Gutierrez
Ia and Jason Hagan
Bill and Marnie Hahn
Thomas Haley
Jennifer Hamann and Kippy King
Carey and Brian Hamilton
Traci and Tim Harrison, CFP, MSFS, CPWA
Tim Hassinger and Tonia Hassinger
Chris and Kayla Hawkins
Kim and Karen Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawkins, Jr.
Kathleen Parker Heaney
John and Peggy Heck
Gregory A. Heckman and Family
Heider Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Helphrey
Carol Henrichs
Jason and Kim Hess
Mark Hewett
Brad Negrete and Heidi Higgason
Scott and Terri Hill
Ray Hollingsworth
Rick and Susan Hrabchak
Fred Hunzeker
Michael and Lauren Hupp
Larissa Johnson
John and Kristen Kampfe
Matt Kasselman
Shane and Jill Keller
Kirk L. Kellner
Dan and Kari Kinsella
Dave and Kari Kirchhoefer
Richard and Maureen Kizer
Kent Knudsen
Rama Kolli and Naga Sravana Pedarla
Steve Konnath and Jane Campbell
Howard Kooper
John and Wende Kotouc
Tim and Kari Kudron
Ken and Robin Larsen
Claudio Laterreur
David Lautenschlager
Kim and Ken Lawonn
Derek Leathers
David LeCureux
Christopher and Michelle Leitner
Jim and Karen Linder
Thomas and Emily Lischer
Dan and Tina Lonergan
Rodrigo and Mary Lopez
Andy and Collette Lozier
Paul and Julie Maass
Bill and Nicki Manhart
Betsy and Rod Markin
Dr. Amy Haddad and Mr. Steven Martin
Trina and Scott McCollister
Tim and Joan McGill
Teri and Matthew Mercer
Galen and Tiffany Meysenburg
Moglia Family Foundation – Joe Moglia, Trustee
Dave Moline
Bradley Moore
Scott Moore and Danene Tushar
Rob Mueting
Daniel and Shirley Neary
Anne and John P. Nelson
Mike and Kyle Nelson
Mary Ann O’Brien and Jason Ramirez
Jeannie O’Donnell
Jerry O’Flanagan
Lisa And Stephen Olson II
Matt Ondrejko
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. O’Neill
Don and Rita Otis
Jill and Jon Panzer
Ann Pape
Matt Pape
Ray Pape
Loretta and Douglas Patterson
Cassandra and Gary Pietrok
Clark and Lisa Ponthier
Ron and Teri Quinn
Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Lori Quinn
Susan and Royce Ramsay
Ginny and Marty Reagan
Lynda and John Reed
Craig and Valerie Richardson
The Rocker Girls
Kim Rowell
Amy and Mike Ryan
Todd and Kelly Rynaski
Barb and Ron Schaefer
Aaron and Kathryn Schapper
Greg and Lori Schilling
Polina and Robert Schlott
Beth and Harley Schrager
Mr. Greg and Dr. Pamela Schwalb
John and Dianne Scott
Seline Family Foundation, Inc.
Jeff and Becky Sharp
Kristi and Cory Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Simmelink
Jon and Mindy Simon
Jeff and Patti Sims
Janet Strauss
Mike Summers
Scot and Ellen Thompson
Brad and Ann Thrasher
Matthew and Tracy Tondl
Barbara True
John W. Turner, Julie Turner
Julie and Jim Wajda
Mark and Tricia Weber
Katie Weitz
Joni Wheeler
Kevin and Brenda Wichman
Douglas S. and Jane E. Wignall
Mr. John B. Wilhelmi
Ann Williams
Clint and Christine Williams
Dr. Beth and Mr. Timothy Wilson
Sarah and Adam Yale
Andy and Jill Yosten
David P. Young
Tim Ziola
And 16 anonymous donors


The Bridgebuilders Society features those donors who give between $1,000 and $9,999 to United Way.
Established in 1989, the Bridgebuilders Society recognizes individuals and families making annual gifts of $1,000 to $9,999. Such gifts represent a level of community participation and involvement which helps bridge the gap between the increasing needs in our community and the services available to meet them. There are more than 2,900 local Bridgebuilders strengthening the local community through their support of United Way of the Midlands.
Platinum - $7,500 to $9,999
Jeff and Kate Betsworth
Jeff and Michelle Lebens
Mark Sandeen
and 1 anonymous donor
Gold - $5,000 to $7,499
Mrs. Jeanine Arkfeld
Ralph and Joan Batenhorst
Mr. and Mrs. John and Linda Beacom
Brick Bennington and Amy Stogdill-Bennington
Steve and Katrina Booker
Teresa N. Carnazzo
Stephanie and David Cota
Melissa Crawford
Laura Demman
John Donahue
Grant and Danielle Empson
John and Anita Fleming
Mr. James Haynes
Bradley and Courtney Heisey
Bradley and Christine Hinton
Brian and Lisa Ketcham
Steve Likes
Matthew Millard
Ed and Kelley Prosser
Jennifer and Jim Richardson
Cindy Sanborn and Beth Ann Andrews
Diane and Dwaine Sohnholz
David and Shannon Spargo
Kelly Staup
Brady and Staci Svendgard
L. B. “Red” and Jann Thomas
Gretchen Twohig
Jerry Vuchak
Tom and Gina Young
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jennifer Zimmers
and 9 anonymous donors
Silver - $2,500 to $4,999
Stephen and Joy Abels
Katie Anderson
Doug and Kathy Hiemstra
Kim Arnold
Dwayne Asche
Brice Ballard
Rebecca Barta
Megan Belcher
Ann Blaya
Chris and Amy Bouchard
Mary Heng-Braun and Robert Braun, Jr.
Michael and Melissa Brown
Stephen and Anne Bruckner
Brad Brummund
Kim And John Buckley
Ken and Kim Bunnell
Tammy and Darren Carlson
Nan Carmody
Michael and Susan Carstens
Kurtis and Timaree Charling
David Christensen
Drew and Bethany Clark
Kim and Wayne Clure
Philip and Ronda Colling
Mary and Patrick Corrigan
Jill Coyne
Judy Crosby
Gary and Peg Crouch
Thomas and Beth Culross
Kimberly Daniels
Ellen and Kevin Dasher
Howard and Stephanie Daubert
James and Jennifer Davenport
Kyle Droescher
Walter Duda
Ronald Dy
Mr. James Eatherton
Charles and Carol Enke
Joel and Stacey Falk
Kenneth Feaster
Roger and Pamela Fleury
Darrin and Kerri Freeman
Jay and Trina Frisbie
John Fuller
Karen and David Gast
Angelo Gibson
David and Jennifer Gnuse
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Traci Gohr
Meg and Jeff Gonka
Kathy and Mike Gross
Nancy and Jerry Gruwell
Doug and Tracy Gulden
David Hahn
Kevin Halstead
Richard A. Hardin
Andrea Hargus
Heidi Hoke
Bill Honke and Molly Maguire
Jeff and Becki Huether
John Ivester
Cindy Jodlowski
Eric M. Johnson
Dawn Johnson
Howard and Gloria Kaslow
Brandyn Keithley
David and Candi Kirkwood
Jerry and Susan Knapp
David and Mary Kramer
Jon and Tara Kramer
Phil and Denise Kreski
Derek and Dana Kruse
Catie and Tony Kuester
Joseph Lacy
Dr. Robin Lally
Jeremy Lang
Cindy LaPole
Gary L. Lippstreu
Aaron and Keri Long
Anil and Parul Luthra
Mark and Gabi Lutz
Mark and Julie Lyons
Carl and Fany Macchietto
William Madden
Melissa Matczak
Elizabeth Mazzotta
Ms. Joan Menard
Mike and Brenda Michalski
Jenny Mickeliunas
Anne Morgan
Samantha Mosser
Katherine Novak
Eric Oxley
Michael and Jennifer Parker
Shane Parshall
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Jessica Pate
Amy Patterson
Clint Pella
Mr. Adam J. Peters
Mark Peters
Nathan Peterson
Dean Poppe
Elizabeth and Jerry Powell
Nancy Pridal
Tim Prince
Tim and Mindy Reed
John and Jodi Rever
Brandon Rich
Charles and Lisa
Amber and Travis Rinehart
Dr. Victoria and Dr. Edward Roche
Angela Rock
Scott and Tiffany Rohlfs
Marcus Ross
Jason Rothman
Jill Samuelson
Mike Santa Maria
Joe and Gaye Lynn Schaffart
Dan and Shari Schmidt
Ryan and Rachel Schroer
Jesse and Corrie Shumaker
Deb and John Steele
Joanne M. Stewart
Chris and Holly Stockman
Joe Strickland
Joseph T. Sullivan
Maggie and James Summerfelt
Amy Swartwood
Ms. Lorianne Tartaglione
Mike Taylor
Zach and Catherine Thiemann
Brenda and Travis Thompson
Cody Townsley
Sheila Trueblood
Raymound Turpen Jr.
Jim and Julia Ulrich
Greta Vaught and John Ritland
Julie And Yuri Veomett
Leslie J. Volk
Sarah and Tom Waldman
Mark and Karen Warner
Dave and Jackie Warren
Tam and Phil Webb
Verne Weber, Jr.
Richard Wells
Albert and Kim Whittaker
Laurie Willburn
Randy and Candace Wood
Savonni Yestanti
Tony Youngblood
Lori Zarkowski
and 47 anonymous donors
Bronze - $1,000 to $2,499
Mark and Jennifer Adams
Oluwaseun Adetayo
Angela Adkins-Miller
Craig Adler
Anthony Aguilera
Steve and Lori Aikman
Paul Ailslieger
Brook Aken
Venkata Kiran Ala
Raj Alaparthi
Sherie Albers
Troy and Susan Alberts
Corey Aldy
Elaine J. Allen
Roy Anderson
Karin Anderson
Tammy Anderson
Amy Andrews
Mr. David and Mrs. Brenda Anson
Sean Applegate
Mr. Manuel Arambulo
Eric and Kim Argo
Mrs. Tracy Argyle
Matthew Armbruster
Jeff Armstrong
Kim and Mark Armstrong
Jeff Ash
Carly E. Ashley
Joseph C. Ashley
Mr. Stephen C. Ashmore
Lori Asmus
Mr. Avinash Atholi
Stacy and Nicki Auman
April Ayres
Nicholas Babcock
Jenny Backhuus
Amy Bailey
Larry and Bonnie Bailey
Michael Bailey
Gary and Kim Baker
Sean and Amy Baker
Mark Baratta
Lisa Barnes
John Bauer
Jim and Lana Bayless
Michael Beatie
Teresa A. Beaufait
Adam Becker
Martin and Jane Beerman
April Behnke
Julie Behrends
Nancy and George Behringer
Bryan Beighley
Roxanne and Dave Bekaert
Ms. Ruth Ann Belding
Chad and Brandy Bell
Stephanie Bell
Dave Bellairs
Susan R. Bender
Matt Bendler
Bill Benner
Barry Benson
Dale Berg
Bradley and Leslie Biehl
Ms. Mary Bircher
Tory M. Bishop
Marvin J. Bittner, M.D.
Mr. Shane Blair
Richard Blamble
Rita Blanchi
Jodi and Eric Blick
Jamie L. Block
Scott Blocker
Bryan and Emily Blodgett
Craig Bloodworth
Laura Boardman
Jason Boche
Todd Boehne
John Bogatz
Dr. David L. and Judith K. Bolam
Mr. James Boles
Michael and Susan Bolgar
Ms. Karma Boll
Dion Bonam
Amy Bones
Erica Bonkosky-Montefusco
Rik Bonness and Jenny Munro
Rhonda Bopp
Sebastian Borowik
Paul D. Borseth
Elizabeth Mastee
Kevin Bradley
Anne and Brian Branigan
Mrs. Deborah Ann Bredin
Alan and Suzanne Brinkman
Derek and Heidi Devine-Bristol
Bret Brocky
Sue Brookhouser
Matthew Brown
Wayne Brown
Amy and Dwayne Brown
Kathy Brown
Tracey and Jonathan Brown
Ms. Pamela Brown
Paul Brown
Martha Bruckner
Helmut and Maggie Brugman
James Brust
Mike and Suzi Bryan
Penny Bryant
Terri and Scott Buchholz
Tim And Melissa Buderus
Ms. Dannie Buelt
Max and Susan Burbach
Gregory Burke
Matthew and Rachel Burke
Eileen Burke-Sullivan
Patreice Burkhalter
Jim Burns
Kevin E. Burr
Cameron Burt
Marc and Jenny Butterfield
Cecil Bykerk
Thad and Sharon Call
Craig Callahan
Mr. Jason Calvert
Duncan A. Campbell
Chris Campbell
Mark Campbell
Rochelle Campbell
Kyle Canning
Joan Cannon and Gary Biggs
Rod Carlson
Jeff Carney
Benjamin Carrick
Yvonne Carter
John Caruso
Carla and Robert Casper
Gregory Cassalia
Anna Castner Wightman
Chanda and Carlo Chacon
Angel Champion
Ms. Regina Chapman
John A. Chekal
Larry and Christine Cherney
Mike Choiniere
Cullen Chollett
Phillip and Roberta Christensen
Stefanie and Erik Christensen
Kathleen A. Christiansen
Kurt and Jill Cisar
Karen Clark
Michelle J and Ryan D Clark
Trish Clary
Daniel and Diane Claussen
Stephanie Cleary
Fred and Nora Clingman
Vontarrius Cloy
Mr. and Mrs. Kary Cluck
Nathan Coberly
Julie Cockrum
Samuel M. Cohen
Douglas and Jane Collins
Ronald and Terry Jo Comes
Paul Concannon
Daniel Conell
John Conley
Royce Connerley
Edmond Connolly
Tim Connors
Kurt Cook
Mr. Roger Cook
Gary L. Cooper
Scott and Lisa Cooper
Martie and Sara Cordaro
Tom and Amanda Corrigan
Matt N. Coufal
Ms. Laurie Cradick
Steve and Heather Craig
Jim Crampton
Mr. Douglas S. Craven
Mr. Jerad T. Croghan
Jodi Culp
Krysti Cunningham
Warren Curry
Andrew and Adrian Czapla
Nick Dafney
Tom Dahlk
Nandita and Malay Dalal
Andy and Jaime Damkroger
Kevin Damme
Jay Daubman
Elisa and Drew Davies
Troy and Marta Davis
Kati Davis-Shovlin
William Davis
Cindy Dean
Dawn and Chad DeGeorge
Heather Delmas
Mike Devereaux
Tracy and Dolly Dewald
Corey Dickmeyer
Taylor and Ashley Dieckman
Lexie Diquinzio
Joe Dirks
Chad Dittberner
Lance and Jennifer Dixon
Michael T. and Susan B. Dobel
Beth Doeden-Vonseggern
Denise Dolezal
James Dombrowski
Brian and Jana Donahoe
Jean Douchey
Meredith and Tim Dougherty
Stephanie and Ryan Dougherty and Family
Tony Dowling
Eric and Megan Downing
Mark and Aldona Doyle
Jay and Brenda Draheim
Julie Driftmier
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Dubberly
John W. Dubose III
Derong Duckett
Brad and Courtney Dunbar
Catrina Dunbar
Russell Dunn
Scott and Jodi Durbin
William Dwyer
Jeremy and Christie Eddie
Chris and Linda Edwards
Gwendolynn and John Edwards
Tonya Eggspuehler
Matthew and Alyssa Eibes
Kelli Eickhoff
Mark and Krisha Ellinger
Don Elliott
Christopher Ellis
Melissa and Rick Engel
Juli Engelsman
Kathy English
David Englund
Donna and Dave Erker
Dale and Abigail Ervin
Joseph A. Evans
Rowdy, Jan, Maren and Sage Evans
Doug and Robin Ewald
Chris Fairchild
Jim and Carla Farley
Mr. Matthew L. Feik
Shawn and Teresa Fernald
Nicholas and Diane Ferrara
Dan and Michele Ferris
Brandon Filer
Matt Finnegan
Barbara J. Fitzmorris
Eric Fleming
Katryna Floersch
Brian P. Flynn
Jeff E. Focht
Scott Focht
William T. Foley
Garret Fosmer
Elton Foster
R. Brett Frankenberger
Mark Frantz
Debra Frazier
James and Michele Frost
Richard J. Fruge
Steve Gallaher
Dr. David Gannon
Fred and Nabi Gannon
Jim and Irene Garbina
Javier Garcia
Brian Garcia
David and Linda Gardels
Glenn Garrett
Tom Garvey
Kenneth Gaskins
Betsy Gassaway
Marilyn Gaudreault
Mr. and Mrs. William Geis
Aji George
Bruce and Michelle Gerhardt
Christopher and Julie Gerken
Scott and Mary Beth Geske
Kara Geweke
The Gibbs Family
James Gibson
Mr. Stacy Gibson
David Gilinsky and Katherine Finnegan
John W. Gilliam
Rita and Ivan Gilreath
Todd and Denise Gilroy
Thomas Gilsdorf
David P. Gilson
Arun G. Giri
Jeremy Givens
Chris and Jennifer Goble
Mr. David Godberson
Wade and Kim Goehring
Anthony Goff
Andy Goranson
Alec and Laura Gorynski
Lisa and Jim Grabenbauer
Gail and Shane Graeve
Dr. Cindy Gray
Maureen Graziano
Chris Greer
Beth Greiner
Mark and Frances Grieb
Maureen Griffin
Jennifer Griffin Miller
Stephanie and Dennis Griger
Shari and Lee Grimes
Justine Grimm
Dennis Grindle
John Grogan
John and Marla Grose
Patrick Groves
Daniel Gruenes
Stacy Guevara
Michael P. Guinane
J.C. and Debbie Gum
Dennis and Sherri Gunderson
Katie Gurnett
Alison Gutierrez
Amy Rachel Haberlein
Tim and Kristine Hacker
Cynthia Hadsell
Leslie Hagg
Carol and Howard Hahn
Chris Halfman
Susan Hall
Brandon Hamm and Kristina Hamm
Rami and Hollie Hanash
John and Ibby Hancock
Jason Hansen
Dan Hanus
Jianqiang Hao
William and Patricia Hargens
Lynn Harland
Brian L. Harr
Erin Harries
Peg Harriott
Kellie Harry
Cindy Hartigan
Gary and Dana Harvey
Amy Hatcher
Justin Haugen
Mary and James Hawkins
Ronald and Elizabeth Headid
C. E. Heaney, Jr.
William H. Heavey
Michael and Barbara Hechtner
Teresa Hecker
Bambi Heckerman
Mark Heeney
Dave and Julie Hefflinger
Donald and Jill Heine
Jon and Laura Heisterkamp
Chandra Henley
Tiffany Henn
David and Jennifer Henricksen
Michael D. Henry and Katherine N. Henry
John and Jacque Herdzina
Steve and Mary Hermansky
Rita and Roger Hermsen
Brad Herrboldt
Jamie Herrman
Margaret and David Hershiser
Jennifer and Talmadge Hewitt
Mr. Kevin Hicks
Christina Hinton
Brett and Julie Hiscock
Byron R. Hobson
Darin Hochwender
Mr. Douglas Hoff
Tara Hogan
Erik Hoiekvam
Jeffery Holden
Jake and Jessica Holdenried
Tim and Jonna Holland
Stephanie Hollinger
Rick Holmes
Daniel Holoch
Paul and Diane Holubeck
Mike and Shelley Homa
Christopher Honstein
Mr. John J. Hoodjer
Mr. Damian Q. Hoose
Jason Hormann
Christi Hornick
Diana Hough
Julia Hoult
Danielle Howell
Jean Hruby
Charles Huddleston
Todd Huffman
Marjorie Huff-Shaffer
Allan and Joanne Hull
Benjamin Humann
Ms. Gail Y. Hunt
Teresa Coleman Hunter
Allison Hurt
Scott and Teri Huscroft
Christine Hutzell
Hasan Hyder
Alison Ingunza
Maureen Irish
Eliot V. and Kristine A. Irons
Scott and Jill Irwin
Michelle Jackson
Lee Janecek
Grant and Sara Janke
Philip Janulewicz
Debbie and Rody Janzen
John Jeanetta
Mr. Joe Thomas Jelden
Aaron Jensen
Marnie Jensen and Kenny Bogus
David Jesse
John and Nicole Jesse
Shelly Jochim
Joel and Jamie Johns
Nathan Johns
Ms. Tami Johnsen
Amelia Johnson
Mike Johnson
James Johnson
Rich Johnson
Stephen R. Johnson
Jamie Lynn Jones
Waverly Jones
Josephine Jordan and Sal Issaka
Greg and Barb Judkins
Christina Kahler
Chris and Marsha Kalkowski
Tonya and Brian Kaminski
Satya K. Kamireddi
Edward Kaspar
Cindy Kastens
Mr. Kevin L. Kaup
Janelle and Kirk Kay
Patricia Keairnes
Chris Keckeisen
Ranae Keckeisen
Heidi Keeler
Mary Ann Goodrich-Keep and Scott Keep
Sonya Kelly
Carl and Robin Kempkes
Shaina Kennedy
Dan and Meg Kennelly
Andrew Kenny
Joe and Kate Kenny
James and Marilyn Kerkhove
Bill Kernen
Patrick Kilcoyne
Rachael Kimball
Dylies King
Jonathan Kinney
Gary W. Kipp
Jesse and Kylie Kirby
Adam and Caryn Kirkebak
Chris and Gloria Kisicki
Doug Klahn
Anita Klanderud
David and Sara Klein
Mr. Jeffrey Klement
Dan and Pat Kline
Brianne and Kevin Kloewer
Tara Knapp
Julia and Joe Knezetic
Jude and Stacy Knipper
Mihaela and Brett Kobjerowski
Kelly J.C. Koch
Tim and Jan Koch
Michael Koehler
Jeremy and Jessica Koeppe
Christy Kofoed
Diane Kohler
David and Vicki Kolarik
Chris Kopiasz
Corey and Liz Kopiasz
Robyn and L. James Kortan
Christopher Koslosky
Michael Kozisek
Rebecca Hittner
Chris Kratochvil
Jason and Kristin Kremer
Santha Krishnan
K. M. Kroeger
Lindsay and Matthew Kruse
Michael Kuester
Renae Kurmel
Jacqueline Kuta
Mary Kyle
Christi Labs
Karen Lagerstrom
Tim and Pam Lammers
Robert Lane
Gregory Lanning
Diane Larkin
Chris Larson
Douglas and Wendi Law
Courtney Lawrenson
Weslyene Lee
Shawn and Michelle Lee
Christopher M. and Lisa M. Lehan
Mark Lehman
Scott Leighton
Lori Lentsch
Mr. Jason Lenz
Kimberly Lesinski
Roger Lewandowski
Roger and Carol Lewis
Susan Lewis
Anne and Jeff Lieben
Daniel Lilley
Joe and Joani Lillo
Dean Limbach
Dan Lindsay
Steve and Amy Lindsay
Todd and Heidi Litjen
Mr. Brian Little
Frank Lococo
Michael Loeffler
Marlon and Laurie Lofgren
Alicia Loftus
Cheryl Logan
Mr. Robbie Long
David and Sarah and the Lopez Children
Karen Love
Julie Luedtke
Ronald and Kathleen Lund, Jr.
Jon Macapinlac
Christopher Mack
Tom and Heidi Macy
Mr. Terry Magnuson
Mr. Ted Maine
Garett Malan
Tim and Meghan Malik
Chris Maloney
Mr. Harold and Mrs. Ann Mann
Charles Manternach
Terry and Lori Marco
James Marion
Nicholas J. Marquardt
Brian Marta
Aaron and Sarah Martens
Greg Martin
Heather Martin
Michelle Martinson
Sandy Mason
Ann and Andrew Massey
Martin Matukewicz
Andy Max
Terrill Maxwell
Patricia Mayorga
Pam McCawley
Kevin and Jill McCormick
Greg and Theresa McDerrmott
Patrick R. McGill
Jeffrey and Leonore McGuire
Mark E. McKenzie
Steve McKern
Deborah and Michael McLarney
Daniel McLaughlin
Tim McMahan
Angela McMahon
Mark McQuade
Kristine McVea
Jared Meays
Deacon David and JoAnn Medeiros
Dana Medeiros
Nathan and Lori Meisgeier
Charles and Andrea Melton
Merri J. Melvin
Eric and Nancy Mensch
Mr. Justin Earl Mergens
Jennifer and Michael Merrill
Philip and Jane Meyer
Mike Meyer
Chase and Carolyn Meyer
Kyle and Deb Meyer
Matt Millard
Mary Millard
Chris and Sarah Miller
Gary and Dianna Miller
Jon Miller
Mark Miller
Paul and Lynne Miller
Chris and Amanda Smith
Jeff and Suzanne Miller
Sara Milnes
Lindsey Miltner
Mr. Michael Thomas Miskowiec
Craig Mitchell
Matthew Modica
Tricia Montague
Nigel B. Moodley
Mr. David Moore
Kevin and Bobie Moran
Timothy Moran
Jim Morbch
Toni Morfeld
Michael and Rachel Morong
Kathryn Morris
Scott Morris
Sarah Morris
Mindy and Robert Morrissey
Perry Mostek
Cindy Mowery
Sarah and Sean Moylan
Michelle Muirhead
Robert D. Mullin, Jr.
Mr. Tracy Mumford
Brian and Jamie Mundt
Murphy Family
Donald Murray
William and Kellye Naidenovich
Liz Nannen
Ally Natho
Gerald Navarra
Mark Nelson
Matthew Nelson
Thomas Nelson
Chris Christen
Cathy Neppel
Kellie Neth
Christine A. Neuharth
Irina Popa, M.D. and Michael Newcomb
Lonnie and Debbie Newkirk
E. R. “Bob” and Phyllis Newman
Augie and Stephanie Nguyen
Masahide Niiya
Troy and Jeanne Nissen
Allan S. Noddle
Jason Noel
Nathan Nolte
Michael Noonan
Sarah and Marty Nordlund
Travis and Dorine Nordstrom
Joshua Norton and Adriana Cisneros
Richard A. Norton
Dean Nosbish
Russell Novak
Larry and Jan Novicki
Russ and Patty Oatman
Mr. Jason Oberembt
Douglas Obermeier
Cory J. and Diane K. O’Brien
Tom and Dawn O’Brien
Tim O’Brien
Kelli O’Brien
Laura O’Connor
Maureen O’Connor
Susan Ogle
David O’Hara
Brian and Danielle Ohlman
Michele Okon
Douglas S. Oldaker
Brock Oldre
Jeff Oles
John and Jennifer Oliver
Gary Olson
Kari O’Neill Potts and Shane Potts
Brian and Giuli Oppliger
David Orchard
Mr. Christobal B. Orellana
Josephina Ornelas
Jill Orton
Paul and Lauren Osborne
Shawn Ossenfort
Andrea Oswald
Relonda Owens
Brenda Paiz
Al and Val Palimenio
Anil Pallayil
Jacqueline and Patrick Palmer
Ryan and Mara Paradis
Zane and Anna Parkhurst
Andra and Matt Parry
Mr. Anthony and Dr. Jeana Pasternak
Geneva Patterson
Melanie S. Rose
Steven Peake
Selena Pease
Christine and Parry Pellman
Danielle Penke
Ronald Peoples
Lisa Perkins
Donald Perrault
Nancy Peters
Bryan Peterson
Michael Peterson
Patti Peterson
John and Julie Petr
Alicia Pfeifer
Aaron and Amanda Pfeifer
Mark Pfeifer
James Phillips
Christopher and Jane Phillips
Julie Phillips
Laurie Pieper
Craig Pietig
Tammy and Larry Pike
Vince Pille
Mindi Ping
Mr. Jeffrey A. Poggensee
Peter Pol
Chris and Jennifer Polenz
Brian Poppe
Greg and Laurie Porter
James E. Porter
Patrick Porter
Matt and Heidi Pospisil
Alan Potash
Derrick and Amber Powell
Carrie Powers
Kim Preheim
Mr. Christopher Prochaska
Justin and Emily Ptacnik
Lawrence and Carmen Quint
Ms. Julie Radowski
Donald and Jonna Radtke
Terry Rahn
Bob and Michelle Ramaekers
Dean Rasmussen
Michele M. Reed-Ball
Mr. Benjamin N. Reicks
Beau Reid
Bryan and Dixie Reinecke
Sarah Reineke
John and Michelle Reinhardt
Jeremy and Christy Reinorhl
Chad Reynolds
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Sara Reynolds
Brent and Adrieene Richard
Scott and Nicole Riche
Brent Richter
Lou Rickers
Dave and Kari Ridder
Robert Rieke
Mary Rieschl
Mr. and Mrs. James Ristow
Barbara Rizvi
Patrick Roark
Jeffrey Roberts
Donna Robinson
Amy Rodrick
Lloyd and Marlene Roduner
Mr. Kevin D. Rogert
Nancy Rohwer
Ms. Faith K. Rolfsen
Alyssa Roman
Debra Romberger
Rich and Lisa Rosenthal
Katy and John Roshone
Anthony Rosso
Rother Family
Deyna and Derrick Rouse
Stephanie Roy
Frank and Danielle Rozmus
Liz and Dan Rubin
Neil and Natalie Runyon
Patrick and Cynthia Rupp
G. Richard and Carol L. Russell
Erin and Clint Russell
David Saccoman
Brian R. Salak
Paul Salen
Michael Salerno
Mr. Brian D. Salmon
Pallavi Samant
Cary Sandell
Katie Sanders
Rebecca Sandiland
Barb and Chris Sanford
Lynn and LuAnn Sanne
Christine Sanz
James and Bonnie Savine
Greg and Darbi Scaglione
Kendall Scheer
Claire and Jim Schelble
Matt and Kaelin Schilling
Glen Schiltz
Marcus Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt
Scott and Ruth Schneider
Schomers Family
Jeff Shovanec
Ann and Mike Schow
Monty Schult
Philip M. Schultz
Greg and Brandee Schultz
Kevin Schwarting
John Schwietz
Kim Scott
Brendy Sealock
Todd Sears
Jeff Sebree
Charles V. Sederstrom, Jr.
Sherif and Mart Sedky
Scott & Lisa Seier
Brett and Marci Sesker
Michelle and Nathan Settles
Melissa S. Shallberg
Jeffrey Sheldon
Brad and Kelli Shidler
Donald and Bobbi Jo Shiu
Russel Shue
Karen Shuler
Melissa and Chad Siedlik
Terri Sills
Mandi Simmons
Michael Sitorius
Pamela Skidmore
Mr. Michael Skoch
Tom Skryja
Gary Skybo
Barry Sladek
William L. Sloane
Jesse and Sarah Sly
Al and Vanessa Smiley
Jacques S. Smith III
Mr. Bradley Smith
Carl V. Smith
Scott Smith
Michelle Smithberg
Mr. Brett Snead
Ms. Karla K. Snead
Mr. Joseph Sneed
Leonard M. Sommer
Ellen and Bill Sonnleitner
Amy Sorenson
Jeffrey and Kimberly Sosalla-Bahr
Mark Soulliere
Sydney E. Sowl
Laura Sparks
Sandy Spicciati
Clint Sporhase
Scott and Kim Spratlen
Tony and Karen Spurlock
Kip and Deb Squire
Adam T Staebell
Michael Staffenbeal
Mr. Nathan A. Stahlke
Sharon Stahr
Steve and Kris Stapp
Judy and Bill Startzer
Col Wayne Steele, USAF Ret.
Jason Steele
Matthew Steele
Ms. Julie Steele
Mike Stemm
Michelle Stenslokken
Karen and Jordan Stevens
Brock Stewart
Adam R. St Germain
Bradley K. Stock
Grace Stoddard
Mary and Craig Stoffel
James A. Stotts
Steven Stotts
Ray and Kay Stoupa
Nannette Sudman
Jeffrey Suhr
Jack and Holly Sullivan
Ashley Sutera
Doug Sutko
Jim Svoboda and Randa Zalman
Kent Svoboda
Sarah Swanson
Michael Swartz
Shane and Darcy Swope
James and Kathleen Talcott
Eric Talmadge
Sue Tatby
Laura and Robert Tatten
Dolores Terwey
Tamara Teten
Tim and Daena Thalken
Betty and Gene Theel
Steve and Lisa Thomas
Chad Thompson
Frank Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Roger E. Thompson
Ann and Mike Thompson
Nancy Thompson
Wallace Thoreson and Mary Green
Melissa Tibbits and Jason Weaver
Morgan Timperley
Liz Tipton
Ann E. and Kurt F. Tjaden
Gerry and Rosie Tomka
David and Kara Tomlinson
Kevin Torczon
Andres and Heather Torres
Emily Tracy
Josh and Michelle Tresemer
Robert Troupe
Thomas Tryner
Shawn Tumey
Nichole and Kevin Turgeon
Tammy Tusa
Pam and Greg Twist
Linda Twomey
Joe and Christy Ulrich
Timothy and Stacy Ultican
Bradley Underwood
Sheri R. Uno
Dalan Urquhart
Jennay Vacek O’Kief and Greg O’Kief
Thomas J. Vaiskunas
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Van Dyke
Amy Van Horne
Stacy Vance
Joel and Leslie VanderVeen
Jay and Amy Vankat
David VanSickle
Deepa Vasanth Kumar
Jennifer Vavricek
Kyle and Lora Vohl
Gary E. Voogd
Justin and Nicole Vossen
Stephen Wade
Jeff Wageman
John Wagner and Carolyn McNamara
Michael and Shannon Walenta
Matthew Wallen
Scott Walters
Kay and Tim Ward
Dr. Phyllis Warkentin and Peter Coccia
Blake and Cami Warneke
Thomas H. Warren Sr.
Jessica Warren Teamer
Cheri Warren
Tara Warren
Stan Washington
Brenda and Jim Watke
Cliff Watson
Mark and Diana Watton
Mr. Ryan Watzke
David E. Weaver
Jeff Weeks
Jim and Kim Weeks
Margie and Jim Wegner
James Weidner
Tom Weinandt
Ellie Welk
Kim and Guy Welton
Chad and Kristina Werner
David Werner
Nick and Christine Wertzberger
Bradley and Tracey Westley
Wendy Whalen
Doug Whitfield
Dustin Widner
Julia Wieseman
Jeffrey and Gina Wiitanen
Roberta Wilhelm and Vic Gutman
Linda M. Wilkie
Craig and Shelly Wilkins
Kim and Mike Williams
Jeffrey Williams
John and Tammy Williams
Carole and Andy Wilson
Lucy and Doug Wilson
Ms. Jennifer L. Wilson
Joe and Lori Wingerter
Mr. Matthew Witt
Molly Witzenburg
Michael Wohlwend
Brandy Wojtkiewicz
Alex and Angela Wolf
Ryan Wolfe
Vickie Wonder
Andrew and Lindsey Wong
Joseph Wood
Angel Woodard
Dave and Barb Woods
Thomas C. Wortmann
Joe Woster
Sue and Ken Wright
Joann K. Wright
Henry Yarborough
James York
Stephen York
Heather and Wayne Young, Jr.
Brian and Jacque McQuillan
Sherry Young
Donghui Yuan
Jason and Alyssa Zabloudil
Mr. Mark D. Zagurski
Bob and Martha Zajicek
Ken Zhen
Leo and Micki Zoucha
Carrie Zoucha
and 234 anonymous donors


This list features those donors who supported the Goodfellows.
The Omaha-World Herald and United Way of the Midlands (UWM) are pleased to share a new partnership to administer the Goodfellows program.

UWM is honored to have been selected as a partner by the Omaha-World Herald. The partnership will allow each organization to do what they do best — Omaha World-Herald will continue to share the rich stories and history of the charity, and UWM will raise program dollars and invest them back into the community. UWM manages Goodfellows donations separately and invests them according to Goodfellows’ previous guidelines.

Mr. Joel Aakre
A. Wlliam Abts Jr.
Connie Adams
K. Kevin Adams
Roxane E. Adams
Mr. John R. Addy
Douglas Aden
Donna Ahern
J. Aiken
Ms. Nancy H. Aken
Sheryl Aksamit
Edgar Aldrich
Ms. Gladys D. Aldrich
Helen Allen
Mr. Ron Allison
Carol Allman
Mary Ambrose
Dianne R. Amenta
James Amerine
Terry and Linda Charitable Fund
Harry and Margaret Bianchi Dono
Larry and Pyhills Tennison Char
H.N. and J.A. Andersen
Marian B. Andersen
Martha M. Andersen
Paul Andersen
Mary Anna and C Anderson Charitable Fund
Connie Anderson
Evert Anderson
Gary Anderson
Mr. Harry Steve Anderson
Henry M. Anderson
Judith Anderson
Judith E. Anderson
Larry Anderson
Larry D. Anderson
Marcie Anderson
Mary Anderson
Paul Anderson
Phyllis Anderson
Polly Andres
William Andres
Donald L. Andrews
Rodney D. Andrews
Ron Andrews
Ms. Anonymous Anonymous
Greater KC CF Anonymous
Ms. Sharon E. Appleby
Gary and Barb Archer
Mr. Marty Armentrout
Marilyn A. Arnold
Beverly Arsdel
Diana Asher
Bonnie Austin
Dennis and Pat Austin
Robert Austin
Mr. Edward L. Babcock
Ms. Linda B. Baburek
Ms. Judy A. Bahensky-Vogel
Ron Bahn
Pauline Bahnke
Ms. Janice M. Bailey
Claire Baker
David Baker
David Baldwin
Becky Balestri
Nancie Balkovic
Mr. Mark S. Balus
Diane Bang
Dolores Bangert
Elizabeth A. Banset
Barbara Barges
Ruthann Bargmann
Darwin L. Barker
Ms. Jamie Barker
Coreina Barnes
Mark Barnes
Robert Bartle
Ann and Ed Batchelder
Mr. Edward S. Batchelder
Leland Bauer
Lucille Bauer
Donald D. S. Baxter
Betty L. Beach PhD Fund
Gregg Beam
Brenda Beasley
Kelly Beccard
Janelle J. Bechtol
Donald Beck
Jennifer Beck
Norma Beck
Ms. Susan Beeghly
Mr. Ronald Begg
Richard Behrens
John Beilke
Kathleen Beiting
Karen Belek
Nancy and Lynn Bell
Mary Benedetto
Maureen Benesh
Dennis Benham
Beth A. Benjamin-Alvarado
Ann Bennett
Joyce Bennett
Mr. Leon and Dr. Reba Benschoter
Kendall Bentley
Rich and Amy Beran
Mr. Steve Bergevin
Kathryn Bergstrom
Marilyn Bernardini
Marilyn Bernardini
Laila Berre
Pam and Dick Berry
Norma Bertch
Jeffrey B. Berthiaume
Gerald Berthold
Keith P. Besch
Mr. Andrew R. Best
Mr. Robert Bestenlehner
Lisa Bethel
Daniel Betts
Dorothy M. Beutler
Mr. John Beyers
Larry Biel
Robert Biers
Patricia Billotte Fund
Gail and James Binderup
Mr. Matthew R. Binderup
Ms. Cindy R. Black
Mr. Robert F. Blair
Rita Blanchard
Rusell Blankenfeld
John Blobaum
Cheryl Block
Terry Blue
Mr. Wayne A. Blum
Mr. Lynn F. Bluml
Kevin Boatright
M. Bock
Melodee Bock
Barbara Bock-Mavis
Doris Boettner
Gary Bohn
Verjean Bohn
Ms. Adrienne Bohnenkamp
Matt Bohnert
Bruce Boles
Dana R. Bond
Marianne Bonnemier
Susan Bonnett
Kirsten Booth
Amy Bopp
Jackie Borcyk
Mr. Gerald Bosanek
James Bottorff
Ms. Pamela K. Bottorff
Mr. Robert Bourne
Gary Bowen
David Bowman
Susan Boyd
Dan Boyer
Evelyn Boyer
Cheri Braasch
D. Bradford III
Kathleen Joan Bradley
Jan Brady
Ms. Mary Braun
Vivian Brauner
Constance Bray
Lois Braymen
Judy Brazda
Dr. Roger Breed
Patricia Brennan
Patrick H. Brennan
Leroy Bretey
Corrine M. Brickman
Ms. Donna E. Bright
Ms. Patricia I. Brinkman
Diane Lynn Brisby
Richard Britten
Leslie Broadbent
Mr. Stephen Brocky
Carol Broderick
J. Broers
Barbara Brooks
Cheryl Brown
Rosemary Brown
Martha Bruckner
Norman Brunkow
Wayne Brunz
Mr. James and Mrs. Kimberly Buck
Lois Buckingham
Carolyn Bukowski
Leland Bunz
Ms. Michelle R. Burger
Elmer Burhenne
Joseph Burian
Sheila Burke
Gary Burmester
Joe Burns
J. Richard Burrows
Betty Burt
Michael Byrne
Jeanine Caldarelli
Don Campbell
Karen Campbell
Ann M. Cannon
Vincent A. Caraway
Anna L. Carlson
Barbara Carlson
Ms. Patricia Carlson
Scott Carne
Dan Carney
Wils and Jennie Carr
Sharon Carrell
Mr. Richard E. Carroll
Jane Carrothers
Terry Carson
Mary Carstens
Colleen Carter
Johnnie M. Carter
Carol Casey
Ms. Gabriella G. Castro
Mary G. Cave
Anthony Cervantes
Mr. James M. Chambers
Ed Champoux
Glenn Charczuk
Robbins Family Charitable Foundation
Jimdonna Charitable Fund
Keeler-Christen Charitable Fund
Margie L. Chartrand
Geraldine Chase
JoAnn Chedester
Linda Chee
Mr. Jerald Chesnut
Charles Chevalier
Geraldine Childers
Mary Y. Chipman
Sandor Chomos
Gretchen Christensen
Joyce Christensen
Raymond D. Christensen
Dennis Christianson
Mr. Dennis P. Circo
Ms. Deborah J. Ciurej
Margaret Clantanoff
Carl and Sharon Clark
Karen N. Clark
Colleen Classen
Ms. Julie Ann Classen
Dave Clayton
Emily Cleary
Joan Clements
Mark Cleveland
Deanna Cline
Deborah Cline
Ms. Jean M. Cline
Wilbur Clopton
Cory Coble
Ms. Annette Cochrane
Dr. Barbara J. Coffey
Stephen Coffey DDS
Mr. Earl E. Collins
Marcia M Colombo
Athena Combs
Jennie Condon
Dennis Connealy
Janis Connealy
Michael Connealy
William M. Connolly
Doug Cook
Janice Cook
Mr. Warren H. Cooke
Ken and Ginger Coon
W. Copple
Ronald J. Cork
Ms. Anne C. Cornell
Carm Cosentino
Richard Cosgrove
Carol Coulter
Ms. Renee M. Coury
Nancy Covolo
Susan Cox
R L. Crabtree
Robert Craw
Elvyra Crnkovich
Sheila Crosby
Trudi Crosby
Gertrude S. Crouch
Mary Crouch
Steve Culhane
Craig Cullen
Judy Cunningham
Mark Czechut
Dolores D’Agosto
Deanna Dahlkeotter
Zaida Daisley
Dana Daisley-Ruff
Malay Dalal
Jeanne Dale
Marie Dale
Sharon Dall
David D. Danielson
Frelon Danielson
Donald A. Daubman
Michael Daugherty
Tom Daugherty
Janakbhai Dave
Phyllis Davis
Steven Davis
Virginia Davis
William Davis
Jim and Sue Day
Thomas Deacon
Bruce and Jayne Dean
Ms. Diane M. DeBar
Melvin S. Decker
Trudy DeKeuster
Wendy Delong
Lois Denzler
Patrick Dermondy
Mary Derr
Dianne Desjardins
Jon Devries
Ms. Suzanne L. Dewey
Dr. Charles Timothy Dickel
Joyce Diediker
John Dietle
Roy Dinsdale
Marcella Divis-Michaud
Karen Dix
Bill Dixon
Muriel I. Docker
Wesley M. Doerr
Frank Dohn
David Dominik
Donovan R. Donner
Teresa Dorwart
Thomas Dorwart
Onalee Doss
Jacqueline Douglas
David Dow
Rosalie A. Downing
Gloria Drake
Ben Drews
Laure Drummy
Elizabeth A Dudzik
Carrie E. Duffy
Ms. Kelly J. Duffy
Richard Dugan
Lorene Dulkoski
Patricia Duncan
Ms. Amy E. Durie
Mary Anne Dworak
Doris Dye
Robert Dyer
Michael G. Eason
Dr. Catherine Eberle
Mary Eckler
Martha Eckmann
Neil Edgington
Patricia Edwards
Sooz L. Edwards
Nancy Edzards
Mary C. Egan
Jan Egermayer
Theresa Ehlers
Tobin Ehlers
Chris Ekholm
Richard Ekstrom
Rex and Loretta Ekwall
Darlene Eledge
Mr. Kirk H. Eledge
Sharon Elske
Kenneth W. Emken
Mr. Mark F. Enenbach
Arnold L. Epstein
Diane Erdmann
Don Erftmier
Carolyn Erhart
Karla Ermel
Ms. Patricia M. Ervin
Ms. Sandy Erwin
Grant Everett
Tory Ewing
Woodman Family Charitable Fund
Rebensdorf Family Foundation
Anonymous Farahan Family
Mr. Michael L. Farmer
Jeffrey Farnham
Sheri Farrar
David Farris
Mr. Clifford A. Favor
Mr. Gerald G. Feagins
Mary Fedde
Charlotte Fehr
Martha Feit
Nathan Feldman
Mr. Richard M. Fellman
Donald and Dena Fey
Lorene A. Fiala
James Ficek
Anonymous Fidelity Charitable
Burton and Anita Finch
J.D. Fink
Phyllis Finney
Terrence Finney
Ms. Christine G. Fischer
Jane E. Fischer
Alan R Fisher
Sherry Fitch
David Fitzgibbon
Wayne Fitzhugh
Timothy Fitzpatrick
Linda Flott
Mary Lynn Focht
Tom and Tamara Foley Charitabe Fund
Linda Foley
Cate Folsom
Robert Fonda
Terry Forman
Jeff Forrester
Donn Forslund
Jim and Helen Fosmer
Bob and Jackie Foster Family Charitable
McGowan Family Foundation
Ms. Marjorie A. Fouts
Ms. Janice E. Fowler
Judith A. Fowler
Kathy Fowler
Linda Fowler
Thomas Fowler
Rev Roy Fox
Laura Foxall
Janie Frahn
John Francavilla
Linda France
Jo Frederick
John Frederick
Leslie Frederickson
Vicki Freeman
Marie French
Marie French
Jane Frey
Jane Freyer
Ms. Deborah K. Friedman
Michael Fritz
Ronald Frykberg
Sara Fye
Ray Gallagher
Delores Galloway
Ms. Charlotte J. Gammell
Joseph M. Garcia
Buzz and Becky Garlock Family Charitable
Denise Garman
Marinell Garnatz
Marilee E. Garrison
Richard Garrod
Tom Garvey
Bobbi Gatrost
A. Gavin
Mr. John Gedbaw
Susan Gehringer
Carol Gendler
Mr. Lawrence D. Gendler
Kristen Genier
Ms. Sharon K. Genners
Sue Gentes
Jane Gerhard
Birte Gerlings
Kenneth E. German
Jill Giesler
Daniel Gilg
Jeannie Gilinsky
Marilyn Gillen
D. Gillespie
Patrick Gillespie
Bill Gipin
Stanley Gitt
Morton Glass
Jerrie and Phil Glassman Fund
Elena Glatte
Ms. Diana J. Glynn
Mardelle Gocek
Lorraine A. Godbersen
Carol J Godbout
Robert and Janelle Goding
Gregory Goergen
John Goetzmann
Ms. Jeanne A. Going
L. Gold
Kay Lynn Goldner
Susan Goldsmith
Donald Goldstein
Mark S. Goldstrom
Anonymous Goodfellows 2020 III
Anonymous Goodfellows
Anonymous Goodfellows
Anonymous Goodfellows IV
Mark Goodrich
Linda Gordman
Ron and Jean Gordon Fund
Rita Gordon
Pattie Gorham
Ms. Cheryl Gorman
Carol A. Gottsch
Duane Gottsch
Robin L. Gottsch
Susan E. Gottsch
Ms. Julie A. Gottula
JoAnn Gould
Patricia O. Grabow
Kristine Gradoville
Gerald Graeve
Patricia L. Graeve
Herman Grahan Sr.
Gary Graner
Gwendolyn K. Graves
Mr. Michael Tom Greco
Gretchen Green
Bruce Gregory
Paul Greise
Jean Grem
Richard Greubel
Betty Grillo
Ms. Mary A Grimes
Susan Grimm
Sally Gruidel
Judith Gubbels
Rita Guenette
Joel and Katie Guenther Charitable Fund
Bernard Guilfoyle
Karen Guilfoyle
Bonnie Guinn
Gary Gundy
Joel Gurney
Theresa Haack
Barbara Haar-Rightmyer
Mr. David Haas
Cynthia Hadsell
Gary Hagebush
Clara Hageman
Tom Hageman
Gerald Hahn
Phyllis Haines
Lorraine Haldeman
Laura hale
Marilyn Hale
Gary L. Hall
Mr. Thomas M. Hall
James Halpenny
Steve Halstead
Daniel Hamann and Joan Squires
Deryl Hamann
Maxine Hamilton
Sharon Hammer
Ms. Jody C. Hampton
Renee F. Hamrick
John and Ibby Hancock
Traci Hanel
Robert and Catherine Haney
Kathleen Hanna
John Hannam
Mr. Gary Hannibal
Richard Hanny Sr.
Grady Hansen
Larry and Karon Hansen
Laura Hansen
Mr. Michael Hansen
Mr. Shane Hansen
Elaine Hanson
Mr. Richard L. Harlow
Donald H. Harm
Ms. Jacquelyn Harned
Ms. Karen L Harned
Patricia Haro
Ruth Harrington
Anthony Harris
Alec Harrison
Faythe Harrison
Diane Hart
Timothy J. Hartigan
Alberta Hartline
Jean Hartwell
Charles Haskell
Maylene Haslett
James R. Hasting
Robert Hatterman
James P. Havelka
Ms. Mary J. Havlicek
Julie Hayden
John Hazuka
Morgan Hecht
Joy Hegarty
Jean Heim
Stanley Hein
Judy Heiserman
Timothy C. Held
Ms. Diane Heller
Joanne Helmberger
Patricia Hemphill
William H. Henderson
Ms. Lisa M. Hendricks
Mary Henery
Gail E. Hennings
Bob Henrichs
William and Ann Herek
Mary Herkenrath
Richard Herkenrath
Mr. Phillip H Hesselink
Jamie Hestermann
Mike Hetherington
Nancy Hewson
Donald Hickman
Ms. Lauren W. Hiebner
Joan Hill
Nancy Hill
Sandra Hinchman
Lois Hingorani
Susan Hinton
First Name Hirschman
Ms. Debra Hitt
Mr. David K. Ho
Kathy Hobza
Darlene Hodakowski
Harold W. Hodges Sr.
Marilyn Hoegemeyer
Noreen M. Hoeper
Joan Hoffman
John Hoffman
Kristen Hoffman
Marcelene Hoffman
Judith J. Hofmaier
Sharon Hofmann
Kathleen A. Hogan
Mary Hogel
Diana Hohwieler
Judith Hokamp
Thomas E. Holcombe
William C. Holling
Harlan Holmes
Keith W. Holmes
Robert Holmes
Sheri Holsapple
Ms. Marva M. Holt
K. A. and Nancy Holtorff
Theresa Homan
Dr. David E. Hoover
Leanne Hope
Jennifer Hopwood
Mr. Bruce J. Horacek
Ila D. Horn
Randy and Karen Horn
Marilyn Horner
Mr. Wade H. Horton
Judy Hoscheid
Mr. Donald A. Hosford
Ms. Marietta Hoskins
Carol Houchin
Ms. Sandra K. Houser
Ms. Kristine A. Houston
Larry Hovorka
Allan Howard
Ms. Gwen Howard
M. Howell
Richard Howell
Michael Hoyle
Katherine Hoyt
Ron Hrabik
Beverly Hrdy
Joseph Hromadka
Nancy Huber
Tom Huber
Mack and Bertha Huckeby
Kathryn Hudek
Mr. Steven S. Huff
Phyllis Huffman
Ms. Polly A. Hulme
Steve Hultquist
Patricia R. Huntsman
Karen Hurd
Mary Hurlburt
Mr. James L. Hurley
Elizabeth Hussmann
Sandra Ihnen
Lynne Ilg
Willie Inman
Adeline Innes
Robert Isenberg
James Jackson
Ramona Jacob
Dean and Maria Jacobsen Donor Fund
Richard Jacobson
Sharon Jacobson
Stephen E. Jacobson
Thomas Jamieson
Evelyn Janicek-Goodman
Mr. Gary V. Javitch
Sue E. Jeffers
Robert Jeffus
La Dean Jenkins
Jim Jennings
Beth Jensen
Ms. Jacquin L. Jensen
Michael and Wilhelmina Jensen
Molly Jensen
Owen Jensen
Richard Jensen
Richard Jepson
Nancy Jewell
Rosemary Jewell
Kathy Joblinske
Judy E. Johns
Abby Johnson
Carl Johnson
Dale Johnson
Garry W. and Loraine D. Johnson
Geri Johnson
Helen Johnson
Janet Johnson
Jean A. Johnson
Karen Johnson
Larry L. Johnson
Lee Johnson
Mary Johnson
Michael Johnson
Michel Johnson
Nanette Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Ruth Johnson
Steven Johnson
Ms. Sandra K. Johnston
Bryan Jones
Joyce Jones
Kevin Jones
Gretchen Jorgensen
William Jorges
Deborah B. Josephson
Sandy Juilfs
Paul Kaczmarek
Mr. Mark Kadlec
Mr. Marcel Kahn
Mark and Mary Kaipust
Patricia Kalil
Edie Kallemeyn
Robert Kamin
Linda Kamp
Marvin Karmann
Ivan Karpisek
Cathy Kaspar
Cathy Kastanek
Mr. Patrick W. Kastl
Ms. Norma J. Kathman
Ms. Janet D. Katz
Mr. William D. Katz
Tim Kautzman
Jim and Susan Kawamoto
Jane Kawasaki
Jane Kawasaki
Carolyn Kay
Joyce Kaye
Gerald A. Keane
Marilyn Keane
Mr. Robert D. Keasling
Dan Keefer
Mr. Charles A. Keene
Mr. Karl Kehm
Robert Keith
Patrice Keller
Timothy D. Kelley
Catherine L. Kelly
Dennis Kelly
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly
Michael Kelly
Terry Kennedy
John J. Kersigo
Edward Ketcham
Mrs. Penny E. Kimball
Beverly Kindler
James King
Ms. Mary Jean King
Kyan Kingston
Michael F. Kinney
Marilyn Kinsley
Mary Kinstler
Richard Kirby
Marilyn Kircher
Larry Kirkebak
Justin Kirkland
Elizabeth Kiscaden
Jack Kiscoan
Josh Kitchen
Patricia Kivett
Ramona Klaasmeyer
Sue Klauschie
Carmen and Marcia Klein
Mary Klinger
Greg Kluck
Margarette Kment
Joel Knidson
Michael Knier
Jacqueline Knight
Allen Knott
Larry D. Kobs
Brandon Koch
Harry D. “Hal” Koch
Katja Koehler-Cole
Jerri Koenig
Mr. Dale R. Koester
Larry Kohler
Janet Kohll
Jarold Kohll
Leon F. Komar
Steve Konnath and Jane Campbell
Theodore Korolchuk
Karen Korte
Donna Kosloski
Kathryn Koslosky
Gerald Koster
Elizabeth Koukol
Carolyn Kozel
Ms. Debra Kozeny
Marlene Kozlik
Virgene and Kenneth Kozlik
Ed Kracl
David Kraeger
Helen Krajicek
Craig Kramer
Daniel Kramer
Joyce Kreifels
Keith Kreikemmeier
June Kroeger
Victoria Kroeker
Robert Krueger
Louise Krutsinger
J.J. and Marie Kubat
Gerald Kube
Kurt Kuhlman
Donald L. Kummer
Shubhasish Kundu
Gearge Kuti
Ronald Lahm
Ms. Mary S. Lahmann
Virginia Lakin
Tony Lamalfa
Sue Lambirth
Janice Lambrecht
Glenda Lammel
Steve Lammers
Terry and Donna Lammert
Joyce Lane
Robert Lane
Carole Langan
Thomas and Rose Langan
C. Langdon
Donna Langel
Nancy Lanning
Linda and Leroy Lape
John Lapour
Marilyn A. Larkowski
Rick Larmore
Donald Larsen
Ms. Jean A. Larsen
Robert J. Larsen
Rodney Larsen
Brent Larson
David Larson
Ms. Nancy Larson
Barbara Lashinsky
Beverly Lau
Kay Laufenberg
Pauline Laughlin
Clark and Emily Lauritzen
Douglas Lauver
Connie Lawson
Leesa Lawson
Joni Learch
Ms. Rebecca S. Lebsack
Judy LeDoux
Richard Leehy
Arthur Lehmann
James W. Lehnhoff
Christine Leitel
Robert Lembke
Connie Lemke
Mr. James L. Lemon
Helen Lenagh
Kathleen Lennemann
Roland Lentz
Edward Lenz
Ms. Donna Lessig
Stanford Lessmann
Ryan Letheby
Ms. Patricia M Lett
Sandra Levermann
Brock Lewis
Carrie Lewis
Richard Lewis
Anne and Jeff Lieben
Donald Lieberknecht
Gary Liebig
Mr. Steven Liewer
Ms. Sherryl L. Lilley
Richard Limbeck
Dolores R. Lindsay
Ms. Connie J. Linhart
Chris Link
Craig Linnenbrink
Shirley A. Lippy
Tig Loeffler
John Lof
Mary Lofgren
Cynthia Lohmeier
Madonna Loland
Joel and Lisa Long
P. Lontor
Grace Harada Lord
Joey Loth
Gloria M. Love
Jeaninne Lovgren
Mr. Bruce J. Lowe
Anonymous LPL Financial
Betty Lubberstedt
Stephen Lubman
Claudia Lucas
Mary Lueders
William Luehr
Julie Lukken
Ms. Jan L. Lund
Mr. Thomas L. Lund
Sandra F. Lundholm
Wayne Luther
Lowell and Sue Lutt
Mary H Lynch
Patricia J. Lynch
Armel MacDonald
Alan Mach
Glen Mackie
Mr. John S. Maczynski
Duane R. Madison
Bud and Shirley Majest
Dr. Edward Malashock
Jody Malashock
Mr. Donald V. Malene
Marijo Malesa
Joe Malloy
Keith Malo
Todd Malouf
Marvin Mamminga
Michael Manlu
Linda Mann
Ms. Denise Manners
Mike Mansour
Joyce Marasco
Ms. Karla L. Marburger
Robert Marceau
Rick March
Andrew Marino
K. Markus
Joyce Marple
Dean Marshall
Lucille Marshall
Karen Martin
Mrs. Kelly J. Martinson
Sabrena Martinson
Mr. Jay Martufi
Dale Marx
Joni Mason
Brian Masteller
Margaret Matne
Dr. Linda Matson
John Mattern
Robert Maxwell
Cassandra Mayhan
Mary Maynes
Mr. Melvin H. Mays
Leon Mazur
Mr. Greg McAllister
Marjorie McAloon
Brad McArdle
Kevin Mcardle
Sidney McCahill
Dallas and Jane
David A. McCann
Nancy and Mike McCarthy
Joseph McCaslin
Mr. Chester D. McCaw
Col Ellis Mcclintick
M McCord
Sharon Mcdonald
James L. McDowell
Ellen Mcfarland
Chuck McGinn
Mary McGinn
Wendy McGinnis
Anna McGrain
Ms. Mary L. McGrath
Maureen E. McGrath
Ms. Kristy L. McGuire
Ms. Susan R. McHale
Lori McIntyre
Timothy and M. Christine McIvor
Megan McKillip
Doris S. McKizia
Robert G. McLean
Paul Mcmanis
Patrick McManus
Ms. Laurie J. McMullan
John R. McPhail
Scott Mecom
Sharon Medina
Don Mefford
Jack Mefford
Mary and David Meier
John D. Meier
Julie Meisinger
Daniel J. Melkus
David Melotz
Judith Mena
Darlene Menard
Geral Messbarger
Pencietta Meyen
Roger Meyer
Russell Meyer
Gail Micek
Iona Michaelis
Christopher Michl
George Mickells
Mr. Ronan J. Mickels
Addean Middleton
Mr. Dennis N. Mihelich
Betty J. Mihm
Audrey Miller
Donald Miller
Fred Miller
James M. Miller
Joan P. Miller
Judy Miller
Marcia Miller
Gloria Mills
Judith Minor
Lynda J. Mirvish
Larry Moeller
Beth Moen
Barbara Moffatt
Marie Mogis
Linda and Darwin Mohr
Randall D Mohr
Stephen Molini
Henry Monsky
Curt Montgomery
Barry Moody
Larry Moore
Ms. Rose A. Mora
Michael Moriarty
Ms. Val J. Moritko
James Morley
John and Audrey Morton
Mary Morton
Sydney Morton
Robert L. Moser
Harold Mueller
Ms. Lori K. Mueller
Virginia L. Munch
Cindy and Don Munchrath
Laura L. Munderloh
Howard L. Munshaw
Bertha Munson
Ken Munzesheimer
Mr. Daniel M. Murphy
Dennis and Ellin Murphy
Mrs. Ellin Murphy
James M. Murphy
Mitzi Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Mr. Lawrence E. Murray
Curt Mushlitz
Ms. Elaine H. Myers
Patty Myers
Teryl D. Myers
Joe Nabity
Ms. Diana R. Nakamura
Ms. Kelly I. Nalty
Ed Napravnik
Ms. Anita D Naven
Mr. David H. Neef
Ms. Kara L. Negley
Judy Nekonchuk
Arnold Nelson
Betty Nelson
Mr. George E. Nelson
Karleen M. Nelson
Ken and Julie Nelson
Linda Nelson
Thomas Nenneman
Dr. Eric John Neuman
E. R. “Bob” and Phyllis Newman
Sharon L. Newman
Helen Nichols
Paul Nickel Jr.
Brian Nicol
Ms. Margaret Niebling
Peg and Bob Niedbalski
Sally Nimmo
Ms. Sandra R. Nimmo
Steven Norden
Carol Novak
Judith Novak
William Novak
Larry and Jan Novicki
Leonard Nowak
Ms. Carolyn Nussrallah
Susan Nutty
Stephen Nye
Warren Nyffeler
Donna R. Oberdin
Ms. Maureen A. Ockerman
John O’Conner
Patricia O’Connor
Edward O’Donnell
Hector H. Ogaz
Janice Ohlinger
Dean Olander
Ms. Vicki Olnhausen
David Olson
Gloria Olson
Mr. Steven J. Olson
Anonymous Omaha
Anonymous Omaha Community Foundatio
Pedro Ontiveros
Paul Opocensky
Authur Orchard
Trudy Ortlieb
Judith Ortmeyer
Doug Osborn
H. Don Osborne
Robert H. Ostdiek
Allen Ostravich
Beverly Otis
Don and Rita Otis Charitable Checkbook
Carmen Ovi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Owen
Stanley Owens
William Owens
Cynthia R. Palmer
Bill and Suzanne Palmer
Judy Pane
Ms. Dorothy Panowicz
Sherry Parcel
Johnnie Parker
Victoria L. Parker
Amy Parks
Katie Parks
Gail S. Parsonage
Nancy Partridge
Polly and Frank Partsch
Jeremy J. Pascale
William Paschang
Gerald Patterson
Sheree Patterson
Joel Patton
Mike Pauls
Diane Paustian
Mr. Donald Pavelka Jr.
Ms. Nancy A. Pawlowski
Catherine Pawol
Cynthia Pearrow
Ledene Pearson
Jerry Peck
Linda Pedersen
Gerard Peers
Stafford Pelish
Steve Pella
Sylvia Pelzer
Doug Pera
Josephine Peralis
Peggy Percosky
Susan Perez-Tinnin
Susan Perina
Sharon Perry
Mr. Todd Pestal
Ms. Barbara J. Peters
Jacob Peters
Mary Peters
Dennis R. Petersen
Mr. Gary R. Petersen
James E. Petersen
Jeri Petersen
Randall Petersen
Richard Petersen
Richard Petersen
Ms. Shirley Petersen
Ms. Susan Petersen
Wade Petersen
Constance F. Peterson
Robert and Betty Peterson
Terry Peterson
Helen Petrow
Timothy Pfannenstiel
Jim and Pat Phalen
Jane Phillips
Janice Phillips
Sandra Phillips
Susan Phillips
Cindy Phipps
Sara B. Pickens
Ronald L. Pigg
Carmella Pigneri
Donald Pinneo
Samuel Pirruccello
Michael Pirtle
Steve Pitlor
Gwen Polivka
Dennis Poly
Wilma Ponte
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Kathleen Popelka
Scott Porter
Mr. David E Potter
Martha Povondra
Rita powell
Diane R. Powers
Ms. Carolyn J. Pozehl
Vicki Pratt
Richard L. Preister
Ms. Judith A. Price
Robert E. Price
Ronald Price
Ms. Karin T. Priefert
Orin Priest
Patrick Prince
Ms. Mary B. Prioreschi
John Prohaska
Thomas Prohaska
Duane Prorok
David Prososki
Illa Prusha
Charles S. Pugsley III
Robert Pulliam
Katherine Quibnlan
Richard Quinlevan
Ms. Gaylene Quinn
Ron and Teri Quinn
Kathryn Raasch
Vicki Rakowsky
Terry Ralph
Richard H. Ramage
V.T. Ramakrishnan
Angela K. Ramm
Mr and Mrs John Ransom Charitable Fund
Paula Rasmuss
Kristi Rasmussen
Carolyn Raulston
Leni Rauschenberg
Cheryl A. Ravenscroft
Keith Rawson
Mr. Ronald W. Reagan
Benjamin Redman
Edward Reed
Jerry and Karen Rees
Toni K. Reese
Conrad Reeson
Ginger Rehmann
Sally Rehmeier
Mr. Bruce D. Reid
Margaret F. Remar
Ms. Barbara J. Rennert
Janis Reynolds
Bonita Rhoten
Paul Rice
Beverly Richards
Nita Richards
Shirley Richardson
Bob Richey
Mark Richter
Mr. Gary L. Riddle
Mary Ridge
Norman Rieck
Olivia Riehle
Renan J. Rieur
Robert Riggs
Christine Rix
Joyce Roark
Howard Roberts Jr.
Frances H. Robertson
James Robinson
Stephen D. Robinson
Dr. Victoria and Dr. Edward Roche
Dennis Rochford
Aaron Rock
Bradley Roe
Mrs. Karen A. Roe
Patricia Roelle
Silvia Roffman
Elli Rogan
Thomas E. Rohrbough
Nancy Rohwer
Larry Roitstein
Ms. Sue A. Rollins
Mr. Ron Rosberg
Terese Rose
Glenn and Pam Ross
Alfred Roth Jr.
Rich Rothe
Joan Rousseau
Mark O. Rousseau
Marilyn A. Routt
W. Lee Rowe
Jeffrey L. Royer
Mike and Laura Rubek
Jeanne Rubin
Paul Rubin
Catherine Rudin
Joyce Ruffino
Daniel Ruhe
Joan Runyan
Shari Ruskamp
Mr. John P. Russell
Ms. Margaret Russell
Sara Ryan
Michael Sackett
Lillian M. Safley
Constance Sagehorb
Richard Salazar
Ms. Jeanne G. Salerno
Victor J. Samuel Jr.
Ms. Carol A. Sanderhoff
Ms. Malory Sanders
R J. Sandquist
Kathie Sautter
John S. Savage
Patsy Sawyer
Mr. Larry Saxton
Joan Scalzo
David Schack
Steve Schad
Paul Schaefer
Geri Schaffer
Anna M. Scheel
Ms. Susanne C. Scheinost
Robert Schertley
Karen Schicker-Pedro
Willene Schiffbauer
John T. Schladweiler
Thomas W. Schleisman
Janice Schlichting
Frank R. Schlosser
Harry Schmit
Jay Schmolke
Kathryn Schneider
Harold Schoenbohm
Doris M. Schomer
Jeff Shovanec
Sandra Schoville
Joseph Schrage
Kenneth Schram
Julie M. Schroeder
Mark F. Schuette
Jane Schulte
Mike and Laura Schulte
Dennis Schumacher
Jane Schumacher
Ms. Alice M. Schumaker
Janelle Schuttler
Anonymous Schwab Charitable
Natan Schwalb
Mr. Greg and Dr. Pamela Schwalb
Ms. Marikay Schwaller
Donald Schwalm
Jean Schwalm
Larry Schwartz
Lynn Scott
Richard Scott
Marilyn H. Seidel
Thomas Seidel
Dennis Sellon
Ann Settles
William Sewell Jr.
Marie Shaffer
Doug Shanahan
Jerome M. Shank
Lori Shannon
Jean Sharif
Stanley Shavlik
Sharon Sheehan
James P. Sheldon
James Sheridan
Joyce Shipwright
Ms. Clarice J. Shively
Mr. Jack Shockley
Charlie and M.J. Shogren
Ms. Arlene J. Shreve
Martin and Aveva Shukert
Robert Shults
J. Sibbernsen
Margaret L. Sibbernsen
Daniel Sieck
Mr. Leon L. Siedlyk
Harriet Silber
Steven K. Simonsen
Duane Simpson
Mark Singer
Robert Singleton
Thomas R.W. Skinner
Delores Skog
John Skold
Gary Slowik
Amie Smith
Arlene E. Smith
Charles D. Smith
Craig Smith
Craig Smith
Eileen Smith
Emmett A. Smith
Gary D. Smith
Jane Smith
Kenneth Smith
Mae Smith
Martin Smith
MeMe Smith
Ren Smith
Mr. Sanford V. Smith
Mr. Rodney B. Smyser
Kathleen Sneed
Marlene Snell
Mr. Marcus Snow
Ms. Diane Snyder
Ms. Jutta M. Sofronovs
Patricia Solko
Dolores M. Somer
Cheryl Sommers
Anna Sorensen
Janet Sorensen
Jolene Sorensen
Norman Sorrells
Gayle Sothmann
Mr. William R. Soukup
Mary Sousley
Patti Spack
Ms. Judith M Spaen
Hugh and Colleen Spellman
Mr. Gene L. Spence
Jean Ann Spires
Verl and Joan Squire
Toni Squires
Lila Staashelm
Ms. Karen R. Stacey
Betty Stading
Ms. Beth S. Staenberg
Duane Staiert
W.J. Stamp
Donna Standley
Alan and Janette Stanek
Raymond Stavneak
Ken Stephen
Cindy Stern
Mr. Dennis R. Stessman
Robert Stewart
Mike Stiehl
Howard Stimson
Robert J. Stock
Ms. Stephanie Stockard-Spelic
Ms. Kathy Stockham
David Stokes
Kimberly J. Stoler
Mary Stolzer
Joshua Storm
Mary Ann Strasheim
Janet Strauss
Ellen Stride-Bresnahan
Jack Struyk
Raymond Stuart
Charlotte Stuhr
Ron Stukenholtz
Steve Styers
Roger Suess
Ms. Erin P. Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
Rose Sullivan
Mr. William L. Sullivan
Bryce Sunderman
Debra Sung
Ms. Nancy A. Svoboda
Norma Jean Swanger
Janice Swanson
Larry Swartzbaugh
Patricia Swartzbaugh
Gary Sweeney
Mary Sweeney
Lorri Sweetwood
Lorie Swenson
Mrs. Ramona A. Swett
Janet Swoboda
Robert Synowicki
Ruth Szarad
Ronald Tande
Darlene Tannehill
Jamie J. Tarkowski
Ms. Carol Tascione
Connie Taylor
Mr. John R. Taylor
Ms. Julia E. Taylor
Mark Taylor
Peg Taylor
Marilyn Teal
Sandee TenHaken
Paul Terkelsen
Jane Ternus
Rudy Tesar
Mr. John J. Tesarek
Dean Teten
Eleanore Tex
Marilyn Theis
Joyce A. Thelen
Don and Anita Theophilus
James Thomas
Lauren R. Thomas
Norman E. Thomas
Peggy Thomas
Carole Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Chester Q. Thompson, Jr.*
Ms. Darla Thompson
Judy Thompson
Mr. Kennard J. Thompson
Lois Thompson
Tommie D. and Melodee R. Thompson
Rick and Laura Thornton
Ms. Gerald G. Thurber
Rosanna Thurman
Jacque Tibbels
Charles A. Tichy
Frank Tierney
Colleen Tillman
Ms. Vanessa D. Timberlake
Judith Timm
Leon Timmerman
Roland Timmerman
Martin Timmerwilke
Jeriann Tinsley
Mr. Darryle D. Todd
Tom Tokos
Patricia Tompsett
Joanne L. Topolski
Stephen Torpy
Thomas Torzon
Susan Tracy
Edward J. Trandahl
Selaba Travis
Katherine Trenolone
Ms. Becky K. Triplett
Kathy Tripp
Deborah Triptow
Mary Tritz
Thomas Tryner
Kent Ttee
Stephen Clark Ttee
Ms. Renita L. Tuck
Donald Tucker
Connie Turek
Mary Turner
Mr. Ricardo R Turner
Tessa Turner
Caroline Turnovsky
Ms. Jean Ullrich
Kevin Ulmer
Cherry Urwiler
Terry Vaca
James Vacanti
Michael Valasek
Dale A. Van Gent
Joyce Vana
Ms. Janice M. Vanderloo
Kenneth Vankat
Ms. Mary E. Vankat
Mervin Vannier
Willa Vargas
Dusty Vaughan
Ruben Vega
Carolyn Vencil
Leonard Vermaas
Judy Vesly
Sandra Viner
Dan Vodvarka
Harvey Vogt
Jean Volsicka
H. Vondrak
Judith L. Vrana
Ken Vrana
Mr. Matthew Wafer
Ron Wagner
Terry Wagner
John Walburn, M.D.
Mr. Richard Walch
Tom Walker
Ms. Ann K. Waller
Norman Wallman
Ann Walters
Linda Walters
Mr. George A. Wanek
Mr. Glenn H. Ward
Frederick Ware
David Warrick
Ms. Teresa H. Wasikowski
Marilyn Watson
Malcolm H. Watt
Sara M. Waugh
Kathleen M. Wawers
Ronald Wax MD
Richard M. Webb
Anika Weber
Verne Weber, Jr.
Lawrence Wedige
Pam and Mike Weekly
Stan Wegner
James Wehbey
Mr. Gregory A. Weideman
Ms. Jacqueline A. Weir
Mr. James Weiss
Gary and Janice Welch
Marti A. Welch
Neil Welch
Mr. Gordon A. Wellensiek
Donald Wells
Ms. Linda K. Wells
Joan Welsh
James C. Wendt MD
Doug Wenger
Constance Wesely
Ms. Renee Wessels
Marilyn Westenhaver
Rodney Westerlin
Betty A. White
Bruce K. White
Mr. David W. White
Dean White
Shirley S. White
Ms. Connie Wichman
Barbara Widman
Jean Wiechmann
Larry Wiederspan
Michelle Wiese
Sandra J. Wilcox
Joyce Wilkins Fund
Barbara Willett
Johnny Lynn Williams
Lynn and Dr. Robert Williams
Nancy Williby
Steven Willoughby
Carol Wilson
Mr. Joe L. Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Anna Winans
Mason Winkler
George Winn
Virginia Winsor
Bert Wise
Bert Wise
Francia Witt
Ms. Barb Witte
Karen Wittler
Nancy and Philip Wolf
David Wolff
Judith Wollenburg
William Wollenhaupt
Liz Wollmann
Ronald Wondercheck
Larry Woods
Jillian Workman
Ms. Jacqueline S. Wrieth
James Wright
Ms. Mary E. Wright
Patty M. Wrighton
Joan Yambor
C. Yoest
Dennis A. Young
Jeannette Young
Sandy Young
Shalla Young
Ms. Lucretia L. Younie
Robert Zaback
Barb Zabel
Norman Zantjer
Raymond Zaraya
Mr. Gregory T. Zebolsky
Connie Zender-Ames
Mr. Albert L. Zimmerman
Michael Ziskey
Janet Zoz

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