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Diane and Terry Cameron
Ken and Kim Lawonn
Dr. Edward and Sally Malashock
Cory and Kristi Shaw
Lisa A. Weber
John and Linda Beacom
Brick Bennington and Amy Stogdill- Bennington
Cindy and Rich Berkland
Denise and Bradley Britigan
Lori Bruck and Dave Neubauer
Brian and Deb Desigio
David and Carol Dickey
Mike and Shelley Foutch
Don Geier
Eric and Susie Grundke
Timothy D. and Debra J. Hart
Mary Heng-Braun and Robert Braun, Jr.
Edward H. Hengemuehler
Kenneth and Irma Hunt
Eric M. Johnson
Steve and Patricia Kaniewski
Thomas and Stephanie Kastrup
Jane and Gary Kenagy
Maureen and Richard Kizer
Robyn and L. James Kortan
Kari and Tim Kudron
Michelle and Jeff Lebens
Christopher and Michelle Leitner
Gregory and Stacey Lickteig
Sara and Jim Masters
David and Sarah Miles
Rosanna Morris
Royce and Susan Ramsay
Dr. Pamela and Greg Schwalb
Ed and Alice Shada
Gail and Robb Tavill
L. B. “Red” and Jann Thomas
Phillip Tomek
C. L. Werner
Stephen and Joy Abels
Daniel and Leigh Anne Alm
Jeni Alm
Lori and Chris Amberg
David and Melissa Anderson
Doug and Bonnie Anderson
Kathryn M. Anderson
Ann and Brad Ashford
Tamara Bacchi
Jerry & Jeanie Banks
Ralph and Joan Batenhorst
Rex Beck and Susan Grant
Martin and Jane Beerman
Robert N. Belt
Mark and Jacqueline Bendon
Ty Bilderback
Gail and James Binderup
Robert and Sharon Bloechle*
Fran Blumkin
Adam and Ashli Brehm
Anne Breslow-Davies
Amanda and Kelly Brewer
Michael L. and Melissa A. Brown
Travis Bryant
John and Kim Buckley
Dr. Mary E. Burns and Patrick J. Burns, Sr.
Kevin E. Burr
Alan and Martawn Byers
Alisa and Curt Caldwell
Laurie and Pat Callahan
Delman A. Campbell
Tammy and Darren Carlson
Teresa N.Carnazzo
Susan L. Chidester
Rita M. and Grant J. Christensen
Roberta and Phillip Christensen
Nicole A. Cleveland
Kim and Wayne Clure
Russell and Kelly Collins
Barbara and David Connell
Jill Coyne
Melissa and Jim Crawford
Dennis Cronin
Thomas and Beth Culross
Howard and Stephanie Daubert
Kim F. Duncan
Edward and Ann Easterlin
Irene Ecklund
Rick and Lori Elliott
Grant W. Empson
Charles and Carol Enke
Marshall & Mona Faith
Barb & Jim Farho
Stephen Farrell
Kenneth D. Feaster
Kevin and Lanel Fenster
Donald and Tammy Fibich
Dr. David and Rev. Jody Filipi
Tate and Deise Fitzgerald
Shari Flowers
Kim M. Folta
Timothy Francis
Rosemary and Dick Frandeen
Patti J. and Steven C. Franz
Gregory Garrison
Bruce and Michelle Gerhardt
David and Jennifer Gnuse
Traci and Jeff Gohr
Kathryn Goodman
Mark Grohe Family
Nancy and Jerry Gruwell
Doug and Tracy Gulden
Theresa and Bob Gunia
Jason and Ia Hagan
Dean and Crystal Hagelstein
Robin Hamilton
Patrick Hanlon
Mary and James Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Hearn
Bradley and Courtney Heisey
Timothy C. Held
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Helphrey
Dee Henry
Susan A. Henry
Mark and Marsha Hewett
Warren and Julie Higgins
Michael and Shelley Homa
Steve and Carol Hughes
Felicia Hutnick and John Kaiser
Karen and Tom Jacobi
David and Dawn Johnson
Jay Johnson
Michael Joiner and Nancy Bucknell
Katherine and Andrew Jones
Mary and David Jones
Robert and Dana Jones
Jeff and Dawn Judkins
Gloria and Howard Kaslow*
Justin Kavan
Mary Ann and Scott Keep
Brandyn Keithley
Shane Keller
Carl and Robin Kempkes
Lisa and Brian Ketcham
David and Candi Kirkwood
Chris and Gloria Kisicki
George E. Kleine
David Knutson
Rama K. Kolli
Steve Konnath and Jane Campbell
David Kramer
Rebecca Kramer-Hittner
Shawntell and Bruce Kroese
Catherine and Anthony Kuester
Donna Kush
Paula and Doug Lauver
Kevin and Kim Lewis
Andrew Lieben
Steve Likes
Alicia and Steve Loftus
Bernard J. Lohaus
Cameron and Stephanie Ludwig
Gina and Chris Lypaczewski
Carl and Fany Macchietto
Debbie and Jan Mazgaj
John and Jill McAdams
Todd and Barb McQueen
Tom and Linda Mertz
Anna Messersmith
Mike and Brenda Michalski
Lynne and Paul Miller
David J. Moline
Matt Moore
Darrel and Susan Moreland
Louis Paul Morris
Samantha and Mitchell Mosser
Don and Cindy Munchrath
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. Murphy
Joanna M. Murray
Barbara J. O’Bryan
Paul and Sue Ochsner
Stephen II and Lisa Olson
Lisa Pabian
Adam and Katie Page
Dan and Elise Parish*
Michael and Jennifer Parker
Jessica and Dennis Pate
Michaela Patterson
Wade Pearson and Jean Douchey
Raymond Perry
Yvonne Pflug
Chris and Jane Phillips
Mitch and Lori Pirnie
Craig Pleskac
Ken and Beverley Pohlman
Dean Poppe
Elizabeth and Jerry Powell
Nancy Pridal
Tim Prince
Ed and Kelley Prosser
Michelle and Bob Ramaekers
Delana Rauterkus
Maria Reinitz
Jennifer and Jim Richardson
Molly Riley
Amber and Travis Rinehart
Victoria F. and Edward B. Roche
Cate and Ernie Rongish
Amy and Andrew Ross
Joe and Gaye Lynn Schaffart
Nola and David Schettler
Debra A. Schneider
Brad Schroeder
Susan Pistillo Seamands
Joanne Sebby
Sherif and Martha Sedky
David and Heidi Seeley
Scott Simmelink
Jeff Sims
Rebecca and Michael Smart
Scott Smith
Joseph Sneed
Dennis and SunHui Snook
Diane and Dwaine Sohnholz
David and Shannon Spargo
Deb and John Steele
James E. Stewart
Joanne M. Stewart
Susan Stinnett
Maggie and James Summerfelt
Mike and Desiree Summers
Cindy Tederman
Deborah Thomas
Myron and Barbara Toews
Christopher Tonniges
Deaun K. Trayer
Scott and Debra Trofholz
Barbara True
Troy Waller
Brenda and Jim Watke
Tam and Phil Webb
Anne and Arnold Weitz
Katrina Wells
Joni Wheeler
Jacqueline and Edward White
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Whitson
Albert and Kim Whittaker
Clint and Christine Williams
Linda and Ed Willis
Liz Winkler
Joe Wurtz
Stephen L. York
Lori Young and Mark Winkler
Tom and Gina Young
Kelly Zwyer
Carl and Melisa Adamson
Michelle Aden
Anthony Aguilera
Venkata Kiran Ala
Raj Alaparthi
Troy and Sue Alberts
Patricia Alexander
Robert A. Allan
M. Annette Allen
Gregory G. Ammon
Stan and Angie Andersen
Devon Anderson
Robert A. Anderson
Roy Anderson
Tammy L. Anderson
Thomas Andreoli
Amy Andrews
Susan and Lynn Andrews
Thomas Andrews
Matt Anielak
Brenda and David Anson
Kim Armstrong
Kim S. Arnold
Dr. Debra Arnow
Dwayne Asche
Michael Ash
Sandra Ash
Stacy A. Auman
Seressa and Jim Austad
Michael Austin
Dr. Richard G. Azizkhan
Anders G. Backlund
Bonnie and Larry Bailey
Michael Bailey
Scott D. Bailey
Gary and Kim Baker
Steve and Christine Baker
Tom and Amber Baker
Brice and Allyson Ballard
Teresa Banks
Sharron Bannon
Ronald and Engra Banse
Mark A. Baratta
Ovell Barbee
Michelle Barker
Peter Barley
Tim Barner
Clarice and Barney Barnhill
Jennifer Bartholomew
Jean Bartman
S. Bartruff
Michael E. Barwig
Joshua C. Bates
Michael J. Bauer
Judith Bauman
Michael Beatie
Susan Beaton
Teresa A. Beaufait
Robert and Theresa Beck
Ronald and Cheryl Beck
Evan R. Bees
Rebecca S. Bees
Anne Begley
Julie Behrends
Nancy and George Behringer
Shirley Beier
Roxanne and Dave Bekaert
Chad and Brandy Bell
Stephanie S. Bell
Wally Bell
Dave Bellairs
Yolanda Belman
Corey and Charlene Berends
Dale Berg
Thomas W. and Ann M. Berger
Alison A. Berger-Lavine
Eric N. Bergquist
Mike and Joyce Bernard
Millie and Harold Bernstein
Tim Berringer
Pam and Dick Berry
Kusum and Anil Bhalla
Brad and Leslie Biehl
William Bielefeld
Dennis and JoAnn Bierle
Chris Billie
Trish Billotte
Brett Bishop
Thomas Bishop
Tory M. Bishop
Moss Blachman
Richard Blamble
Kathy and Barry Blessing
Eric and Jodi Blick
Marvin S. and Deborah L. Blocker
Emily and Bryan Blodgett
Ray Blomstedt
Brett Bock
John G. Bogatz
Dr. David L. and Judith K. Bolam
Dion Bonam
Rik Bonness
Tim Bormann
Mary C. Borowiak
Paul D. Borseth
William E. Bowes
Brian and Elizabeth Bowman
Sara and Matt Boyd
Wendy Willour Boyer and Jeffrey Carney
J. Chris Bradberry
Peter A. Bradley
Phil Brammer
Anne and Brian Branigan
Justin and Leslie Brauer
Debbi and Chris Breeling
David Brehm and Jeene Hobbs
Patrick H. Brennan
Shirley Brick
Al and Suzanne Brinkman
Brian and Crystal Brislen
Mark Bristol
Cori Brock
Mary M. Brockelsby
Bret Brocky
Kim and Greg Brokke
Pat and Tami Brookhouser
Sue Brookhouser
Amy and Dwayne Brown
Darla Brown
Donna and Tony Brown
Doug and Sharon Brown
Jannette Brown
Roderick W. Brown
Tracey and Jonathan Brown
Brad and Lori Browne
Brian and Kate Brownrigg
Dr. M. Martha Bruckner
Linda L. Brue
Jim Brust
Betty and Jim Gregware
Michelle and Ron Bucher
Tod Buckingham
Keely L. Buesing, M.D.
Ed Buglewicz
Steven Bunck
Ken and Kim Bunnell
Max and Susan Burbach
Karol Burchfield
Matthew Burke
Matthew Burke
George S. Burkoski, Jr.
Jon W. Burlingham
Steven C. Burnham
Byron Burns
James Burns
Mr. Cameron Burt
David Bushey
Marc and Jenny Butterfield
Loree and Cecil Bykerk
Sam and Tammy Calabro
Daniel Caldwell
Thad and Sharon Call
Craig Callahan
Lindsay Calliguri
Lori J. Calub
Chris Campbell
Corey and Terri Campbell
John and Renee Campbell
Mark Campbell
Roshelle Campbell
Joan Cannon and Gary Biggs
Roman Cano
Kimberly L. Cappellano
Ken and Hala Carbullido
Kate and Mike Carlson
Lisa and Glenn Carlson
Joan S. Carnaby
Scott and Deanna Carnahan
Mary Carnazzo
Lori Carney
Benjamin Carrick
Bryan and Betsy Carroll
John Caruso
Carla Casper
Cristina V. Castro-Matukewicz
Tami and Mark Cerny
Angel Champion
Rhonda Chantry
Regina Chapman
Mike and Christine Charleston
Jean Chavez
John A. Chekal
Renee and Mike Chekal
Cullen Chollett
Nathan and Vicki Christ
Andrew R. Christensen
Christopher Christensen
Colleen and Joel Christensen
Stefanie and Erik Christensen
Kurt and Becky Christiansen
Mark and Dawn Chronister
Chris Chung
James Church
Colleen Ciciulla
Steve Cizek
Bryan and Joan Clark
Debra and John C. Clark
Lissa and Dwight Clark
Michelle and Ryan Clark
Mindy J. Clark
Trisha Clary
John and Taryn Clatanoff
Diane and Dan Claussen
Barry Cleaveland
Travis G. Clemens
Fred and Nora Clingman
Jeff A. Cloyed
Diane and Martin Coalson
Kara and Nathan Coberly
Marlene and David Cohen
James and Lois Colburn
Dave Cole
Cindy and Keith Colligan
Philip and Ronda Colling
Gini Collins
Matthew Cone
John and Peg Conley
Silvia and Bill Conley
Terry and Lisa Connealy
Royce Connerley
Sean and Melanie Connolly
Jason R. Conway
Kent J. Conway
Gary Conyers
Dean Cook
Linda Cook
Joel Cooley
Antoinette Cooper
Debbie Cooper
Gary L. Cooper
Scott Cooper
Danny Corely
Mary and Patrick Corrigan
Tom and Amanda Corrigan
Janet and Frank A. Corritore, Jr.
David and Stephanie Cota
Doug and Susan Couron
Kathy and Larry Courtnage
John and Tracy Cox
Michael C. Cox
Steve and Heather Craig
Tom Cramer
Judy Crosby
Gary and Peg Crouch
Melissa J. Cruickshank
Steven Cudd
Janet Cuddigan
Dennis Cullen
Dennis A. Cunningham
Jen Cunningham
Krysti Cunningham
Mark Czerwinski
Mercedes Dahlquist
Steve L. Daigle
Nandita and Malay Dalal
Mark and Linda Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Damme
Carolyn J. Dankowski
Phil Danner
Lori Dasenbrock
Sandy Dasenbrock
Ellen and Kevin Dasher
Mary and Hal Daub
Jay Daubman
Elisa and Drew Davies
Paul and Martha Davis
Rowena M. Davis
Sharon L. Davis
Troy M. and Marta E. Davis
William B. Davis
William B. Davis
Kyle and Lori DeBuse
Robert L. Dedrickson
Patrick Dees
Phil and Nancy Dehn
Naomi Deines
Kirk and Leslie Delperdang
Connie L. Deminski
Laura and Jason Demman
Corey Dencklau
Syl and Robin Dennie
Dianne Desler
Rod and Connie Determan
Gary Devlin
Robyn A. Devore
Dave and Jackie DeWeerdt
Kathy Dewell
Corey Dickmeyer
Taylor Dieckman
Lori and Chad Dittberner
Jennifer and Lance Dixon
Joshua Dixon
Joyce Dixon
Nghia Do
Mike and Sue Dobel
Rod and Jan Doerr
Mo Doghman
Mark Dolsky
Norine E. Domenge
Gabrielle Domenge
Bill and Beverly Donaldson*
Stu and Dari Dornan
Bob Dorr
Peggy L. Doty
Alan A. Douglas
Tony Dowling
Megan and Eric Downing
Steve Dowse
Brenda Draheim
Mark and Lisa Draper
Jeff Drelicharz
Michael Drelicharz
Julie D. Driftmier
Kyle D. Droescher
Lori Druse
Aaron Dubberly
Walter and Tara Duda
Michael Duncan
Dr. Robert and Kathleen Dunlay
Eric Dunning
Steven L. Duplantis
Scott and Jodi Durbin
James M. Dwornicki
Bill and Janis Dwyer
Michael Eastman
Craig and Stacy Ebel
Stacy and Mike Ebeling
Chris Edwards
Matthew Ellis
Mark Engelbart
Kathy English
Corey Erdkamp
Christina and Wayne Erickson
Erik Erickson
Don Erikson
Todd Erisman
Donna and Dave Erker
Lynn Espeland and David Kain
John and Kathy Estes
S M Estes
Lawrence Etienne
Stephen Eulie
Jan Evans
Joseph A. Evans
Sydney, Quincy, and Leilani Evans
Robert and Judith Evans
Jennifer E. Everett
Jean L. Everhart

Harlan O. Falk
Joel and Stacey Falk
Ron Faltin
John R. Farmer, Jr.
Monique Farmer
Jean and Jim Farrell
Todd Feilen
Paul Feilmann
Julie Ferguson
Teresa and Shawn Fernald
Michael Fernen
Thomas Ferony
Cynthia A. Ferris, M.D.
City Councilman Pete Festersen
Dr. Kate Fiandt, FNP
Percy Fields III
Jessica Fink
Kevin and Linda Finn
Joseph P. Finnegan
Bill and Susan Fisher
Mary Fisher
Stephen Fisher
Susan Fjelstad
Susan Fleetwood
Andy and Annette Fletcher
Roger A. and Pamela L. Fleury
Edgar Flores
Brian P. Flynn
Jeff E. Focht
Bob and Sue Foehlinger
Melinda Foley
William T. Foley
Cate Folsom
Joseph Folta
Roland Fortner
Robert Foster
Amy M. Fox
Mike Francis
Michelle R. Francis
R. Brett Frankenberger
Diane and Mark Frans
Debra Frazier
Randy Fredericks
Becky and Charles French
Jay and Trina Frisbie
Don and Jo Fritz
Richard J. Fruge
Robert A. Fugel, Jr.
John Fuller
Kevin and Maryann Fustos
Nichole Gacke
Judy Gale
Dr. David Gannon
Andrea Gansen
Karen Ganzlin
William Garber
Jim Garbina
David and Linda Gardels
Greg and Rachel Garlock
Michelle Gartner Family
Ronald W. Gatzke
Marilyn and John Gaudreault
Gary & Theresa Gauger
Tom Gaughen
Katherine and David Gazzetta
Jon A. Genoways
Dixie Gerhart
Julie Wiman
David M. Giandinoto
Bryson Gibbs’ Family
Steve and Chris Gilbert
David Gilinsky and Katherine Finnegan
Charlie Gill and Elizabeth Molloy
Bob Gillen
Sam and Amanda Gilmore
Rita and Ivan Gilreath
Thomas Gilsdorf
The Family of Charles F. Glenn
Robert J. Glorvick, Jr.
Chris and Jen Goble
Anthony Goff
Christine L. Goldsberry
Richard O. Gomel
Meg and Jeff Gonka
Joseph Gonzales
Derrick A. Gonzalez
Chris Goodburn
Deborah G. Goodkin
Rita and Roger Goree
Lisa and Jim Grabenbauer
Renata Grafing
Daniel and Kathleen Grafton
Darlene R. Grandia
Jeff and Karen Grandstaff
Timothy Grant
Denise Gray
Debra Green
Michelle Greene
Rebecca Gregory
Jean Grem
Robert Gries
Walt and Griffiths
Shari and Lee Grimes
Jeffrey P. Grinnell
John and Marla Grose
Kathy and Mike Gross
Peggy Grosskopf
Tali Anne and Gary Grosz
Jim Grotrian
Steve Grove
Daniel Gruenes
Tom Grutsch
Traci and Larry Guenther
Michael P. Guinane
Debbie and J.C. Gum
Sherri and Dennis Gunderson
Meghan Gunia
Kathryn R. Gurnett
Eric Guse
Alison M. Gutierrez
Timothy and Kristine Hacker
Samantha Haggar
Janis and Dr. John Haggstrom
Bill and Marnie Hahn
Carol and Howard Hahn
David M. and Kathy Hahn
Lisa and Travis W. Hall
Michael and Trisha Hall
Susan and Nigel Hall
Thomas Halpin
Kevin Halstead
Patrick A. Halsted
Jennifer Hamann
Lee and Jennifer Hamann
Brandon D. Hamm
Rami and Hollie Hanash
John and Ibby Hancock
Lee and Jennifer Handke
Bryan Handlos
Randall L. Hanks
Kenneth Hanna
Brant and Deanna Hanquist
Allen Hansen
Anthony and May Hansen
Cynthia A. and Douglas M. Hansen
Richard B. Hansen
Bill R. Hansher
Daniel M. Hanus
Richard A. Hardin
William F. Hargens
Corbin and Erin Harms
Brian L. Harr
Lawrence F. Harr
Peg Harriott
Tony Harris
William Harrold
Brittney G. Harsha
Jolie Harstad
Cynthia J. Hartigan
Hartley Family Foundation
Chad and Michelle Hartnett
Robert Harty
Gary Harvey
Kelley Harwood
Valerie Harwood
Darrell W. Hasty
Amy and Tony Hatcher
Anthony L. Hatcher
Christine G. Hathaway
Jean Hathhorn
Maril Hauber
Justin Haugen
John (Jack) J. Hawk, Sr.
James Haynes
Kyle J. Haynes
Krista Hazuka
C. E. Heaney, Jr.
Kathy and Tom Heaney
William H. Heavey, Jr.
Michael and Barbara Hechtner
Bambi L. Heckerman
Julie and Dave Hefflinger
Wes C. Hehn
Wade C. Heidemann
Doug and Angie Heimes
Rhonda and Dave Heineman
Jon and Laura Heisterkamp
Margie J. Heller
Kelly and Jim Hempel
Michelle Hempel
Susan Hendrick and Sandeep Sheth
Anthony R. Hendrickson
Chandra Henley
Stephanie L. Henn
Ruth and Scott Henneman
Ruth and Richard Henrichs
Jan and Eric Henrichsen
Dana Henricksen and Cheryl Henricksen
Marisa and Jamie Herbert
Scott and Jenni Herchenbach
John W. and Jacqueline K. Herdzina
Mary and Steve Hermansky
Rita and Roger Hermsen
Teodoro J. Hernandez
Bret Herndon
Starr and Keith Herrington
Margaret and David Hershiser
Christine Hess
Conal and Pam Hession
Lauren and John Hewitt
Jennifer and Talmadge Hewitt
Cecil Hicks and Nicole Brown
Janella Higgins
Dennis M. Hill
Dianna and Terry Hite
Byron R. Hobson
Sandra L. Hobson
Nik Hodgman
Randy Hodgson
Caryn Hohnholt
Erik Hoiekvam
Timothy F. Holland
Ida Holliday
David F. Hollrah
Yvette Holly
Cynthia Holman
Rick Holmes
Joslynn Hon-Gonnerman in memory of Wil and Mary Sells
Kathy and Greg Hopkins
Jason Hormann
Dwain Horn*
Christi Hornick
Mark Hosek
Donald R. and Michele R. Hotz
Julia A. Hoult
Karen and John Hovanec
Terry Hovey
Jeff Huber
Michelle Huber
Robert J. Huck
Dick Huddleston
John and Julie Huerter
Jeff Huether
Todd Huffman
Kathleen Hughes
Lin and Denny Hughes
Sam B. Hughes
Allan Hull
Wood Hull
Jeff Hultgren
Benjamin Humann
Cynthia L. Hume
Doug and Brenda Hummel
Gerald and Mary Hunt
Jeff Hunt
Teresa Coleman Hunter
Jeff Huntington
Jennifer and Rodney Hurley
Allison Hurt
Scott and Teri Huscroft
Dave and Mollie Husman
Mike and Peg Huss
Hasan Hyder
Patricia Insley
Michael and DeAnn Intrieri
Scott and Jill Irwin
John Ivester
Russel R. Iwan
Leland Jacobson
Ruth M. Jamieson
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Janecek
Grant and Sara Janke
Christi and Tom Janssen
Tim and Jennifer Jeffrey
Ken and Sandy Jenkins
Blake Jenny
Gail Jensen
Gloria and Jeff Jensen
Tom and Mary Ruth Jensen
John and Nicole Jesse
Richard and Janet Jizba
C. Jodlowski
Heidi and Ron Johansen
Joe and Jamie Johns
Beth and Jim Johnson
Carrie and David Johnson
Craig Johnson
Donna Johnson
Garry and Loraine Johnson
Gary Johnson
Jay and Regina Johnson
Larissa Johnson
Leah Johnson
Lori Johnson
Mitzi L. Johnson
Nadine Johnson and Robert Burroughs
Troy Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Virgil and Ruth Johnson*
Craig Johnston
Benjamin Jones
Daniel Jones
Howard Jones
Kathryn Jones
Vernie and Carter Jones
Josephine Jordan and Sal Issaka
Jeff and Kari Jorth
Vincent Juarez
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Judkins
Michael Just
Ruth and Steven Kable
Christina Kahler
Mark and Mary Kaipust
Chris Kalkowski
Scott Kaminski
Tonya Kaminski
Matt and Lori Kardell
Jeffrey Karloff
Jim Karnik
Matthew Kasselman
Cindy Kastens
Joe E. Kaufmann
Kevin Kavanaugh
Robert J. Keefe
John Kehoe
Kevin N. Keith
Pat and Carol Kelley
Michael Kelly
Edwin and Linda Kemp
Charlie Kennedy
Ruth Kennedy
Joe and Kate Kenny
James and Marilyn Kerkhove
Paula and Jim Kettler
Dayle A. Keyes
Tim and Julie Kiefer
Maj. and Mrs. Mark Kimball
David W. King
Douglas King
Gary W. Kipp
Chris and Patty Kircher
Kari Kirchhoefer
Carol Ann Kirchner
Mike and Colleen Kirk
Steven Kirk
Adam Kirkebak
Ned Kirklin
Patricia O. Kiscoan
Timothy Kiteley
Matthew and Julie Kizer
Doug Klahn
Barry and Kelli Klanderud
Gail Klanderud
Mark M. Klasek
Paula Klassen
Michael Kleffner
David and Sara Klein
Jeffrey Klement
Daniel A. Kletke
Chris Klinefelter
Roxanne Alter and Don Kluthe
Gregory Knadle
Erica Knapp
Steven and Donnet Knapp
Jude and Stacy Knipper
Steve Knott
Jim Knudsen
Keith Knudsen
Julie Knutson
Mihaela Kobjerowski
Kelly JC Koch
Tim and Jan Koch
Michael Koehler
Allan and Kim Koenig
Melvin Koenig
Jeremy Koeppe
Christy Kofoed
Kevin and Cindy Kohlscheen
Vicki and Dave Kolarik
Christopher Kopiasz
Corey and Liz Kopiasz
Randy Korth
Christopher Koslosky
Kelly Kostszewa
Jeff Koterba
Anthony Kouba
Travis and Becky Kraemer
Brian Kramer
Jon and Tara Kramer
Melissa M. Kramer
Lee Kramolisch
Paul and Michaela Kramper
Chris and Jillyn Kratochvil
Denise and Phil Kreski
Santha Krishnan
K. M. Kroeger
Steve R. and Angela M. Kroymann
Jay Kruger
Derek and Dana Kruse
Lindsay and Matthew Kruse
Ken Kucera
Fred Kuehl
Michael J. Kuester
Mary Kuhn
Tom and Geri Kunkel
Renae Kurmel
Scott Kvammen
Lisa A. Kwapniowski
Mack & Jessica La Rock
Carol Lacroix
Karen Lagerstrom
Chuck and Jan Lakso
Tim and Pam Lammers
William M. and Michaela Lamson
Joseph Lang
Cindy LaPole
Jennifer Lassek
Jeffrey Laudin and Kathy Beauchaine
Greg and Debbie Lavitt
Michelle and Michael Lawyer
Julie Lazure
Derek Leathers
TeriSue and Glenn Leatherwood
Gary and Michelle Lebens
Michelle Lee
Weslyene Lee
Craig S. Lefler
Sara and Michael Legleiter
Chris and Lisa Lehan
Lori and Mark Lehman
Bob and Cathy Lembke
Kacey and Joe Lempka
Karen and Gerald Lenczowski
Lori Lentsch
Jason Lenz
Janet Lepaopao
Kim Lesinski
Dr. Nicholas and Karen Levering
Bridget Lewis
Roger and Carol Lewis
Susan Lewis
Tre L. Lewis
Jeff and Anne Leiben
Mike Liebherr
Angela Ligtenberg
Joani and Joseph Lillo
Chris and Gina Limmer
Steve and Amy Lindsay
Lyndsey and Scott Lineback
Tom Lischer
Todd Litjen
Kevin and Luanne Little
Michael T. Loeffler
Marlon and Laurie Lofgren
Michele Lohse
Aaron and Keri Long
Joel and Lisa Long
Robbie Long
Lisa M. Longenecker
Ruben Lopez
Janice Love
Tony and Pam Love
Tom Lowry
Marietta Luellen
Jude and Nan Lui
Ron Lund, Jr.
Jim and Mary Lusk
Marjorie S. Lutz
Mark and Gabi Lutz
Mark and Julie Lyons
Marjorie Maas
Rebecca MacDonell
Duane and Jodi Maciejewski
Hal and Vicki Mack
Dale Mackel
William Mackenzie
J. Terry Macnamara
Dave and Jan Madsen
Deborah Mahaffey
Brian G. and Susan A. Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Rober T. Maher
Jeffery Main
Mary Manero
Dorothy and Craig Margrave
Nicholas J. Marquardt
Greg Martin
Paul Martin
Patrick D. Mascarello
Ann and Andrew Massey
Lynn and Ron Massey
Elizabeth Mastee
Norita and Robert Matt
Mark and Julie Matthes
Billy Matthews
Grant Matthies
Gail Matthiessen
Martin Matukewicz
Steve and Cheri Maxwell
Terrill Maxwell
Ryan Mayberry
Ginger and Bob Maziarz
Mary McArdle
Corrigan McBride-Aguilar and Jerald Aguilar
Joseph and Mary McCabe
Denise McCauley
Lisa McClane
Samuel W. McClure
Roger McConnell
Kevin S. McCormick
Cynthia McCullough
Robert McCutcheon
Therese McDermott
Shaun and Amy McGaughey
Rick McGee
David K. McGeorge
Patrick R. McGill
Angie M. McGraw
Sandi McGuire
Amy and Mike McKay
Mark McKenzie
Steve and Jennifer McKern
Carl McKever
Henry McKinley III
Deborah and Michael McLarney*
Daniel McLaughlin
Phil Mclaughlin
Tim McMahan
Joe McManis
Maggie and Michael McMeekin
James M. McMenamy
Mark McMillan
Robert Meder
Jason and Anne Meers
Kenneth and Megan Meier
Mary and David Meier
Will Meinen
Karen and Sam Mele
Merri J. Melvin
Matthew Mercer
Merriex Family
Jennifer and Michael Merrill
Jim and Edie Messerschmidt
Karen and Donald Metzger
Casey and Brett Meyer
James A. Meyer
Jeffrey Scott Meyer
Mike Meyer
Philip and Jane Meyer
Robert Meyer
Aaron Meyerle
Brian Meyers
Christopher J. Meyers
John and Kim Miksich
Stevanne and Garry Milbourn
Brandi and Michael Miller
Jeff and Suzanne Miller
John Miller
Kent E. Miller
Mary Kay Miller
Sara Milnes
Tamra N. Milone
Michael T. Miskowiec
Craig Mitchell
Judy Mitchell
Laura Mitchell
Matthew Modica
Joseph Moise
Stephanie Moline
Daniel Monaghan
Tricia Montague
Brad Moore
Don and Kelli Mooring
Kevin and Bobbie Moran
Mike and Wendy Moran
Jim Morbach
Anne Morgan
Deanna Morrical
Henry J. Morris, Jr.
John F. Morris
Arlis and Phil Morrison
Cindy Mowery
Mike and Sigrid Moylan
David and Michelle Muirhead
Edward J. Mullen
Michael G. Mullin
Robert Mullin, Jr.
Rochelle and Jim Mullen
Tracy Mumford
Brian J. Mundt
Deena Murphy
Donald Murray
Katherine Murphy
Michael Murray
Robert J. Murray
Dan Myers
William Naidenovich
Sarah Labedz Navarrette
Emily H. Nave
Eldon R. Naven
Matthew D. Neel
Michael J. Neeson
Karen R. Nelsen
Andrew Nelson
Charles E. Nelson
Christine Nelson
John and Susie Nelson
Mark and Cindy Nelson
Scott and Anita Nelson
Thomas Nelson
Rudie Nemec
Cathy Neppel
John and Kim Neppl

Christine Neuharth
Tim Neville
Lonnie and Debbie Newkirk
E. R. “Bob” and Phyllis Newman
Shawn E. and John M. Newman
Kevin and Cynthia Nichols
Loyall N. Nichols
Autumn M. Nickoli
Tony Nietfeldt
Troy and Jeanne Nissen
Allan S. Noddle
Sherry and Michael Nohl
Jimmy and Kim Nolan
Sarah and Marty Nordlund
Katherine N. Novak
Richard A. Norton
Russell Novak
Larry and Jan Novicki
The Tim Nowell Family
Suzanne Nuss
Russ and Patty Oatman
Lynette Oberdorfer
Doug and Lori Obermier
Diane K. and Cory J. O’Brien
Kelli O’Brien
Tom and Dawn O’Brien
Edward R. O’Connor, PhD
Drew Oetjen
Susan Ogle
Terrence D. O’Hare
Danielle M. Ohlman
Steve and Michelle Oiness
Greg O’Kief
Douglas S. Oldaker
Marylin and Mark Oldaker
Terry and Karen Olin
John and Jennifer Oliver
Louis Olivera
Carl and DeAnn Olsen
Chris and Kathy Olson
Stephanie and Eric Olson
Gary Olson
Steve and Barb Oltmans
Claudia and Patrick O’Malley
Matt and Val Ondrejko
Mike and Sandy O’Neal
Brian and Giuli Oppliger
Smith Family
Anthony Ori
Brian Orme
Rene Orosco
Patricia and William Ortega
Jose Ortez
Jill Orton
Doug S. Osborn
Paul and Lauren Osborne
Andrea Oswald
Don and Rita Otis
Friedhelm Otto
Dolores C. Owen
Eric Oxley
Brenda PaizAl and Valerie
Jill and Jon Panzer
John Papproth
Ryan and Mara Paradis
Hilary Parker
Julie and Shaun Parker
Andra and Matt Parry
Sheryl and Shane Parshall
Anshu Pasricha
Amy Patterson
Jan M. Patterson
Thomas L. Patton
Jean M. Paul
Kathi Paulsen
Donald Payton
Christopher Peach
Steven Peake
Timothy and Tricia Penne
Tom and Judy Penney
Rick Pennington
Patrick Pensick
David R. Pesavento
Paul Petera
Janette Petersen
David E. Peterson
M. Peterson
Michael and Kathleen Peterson
Tom and Patti Peterson
Terri Peterson
John and Julie Petr
Tracie Pettijohn
Aaron and Amanda Pfeifer
Julie Phillips
Michael D. Phillips
Amber R. Phipps
Ryan Pichler
Tammy and Larry Pike
Timothy Pilakowski
Vince and Cynthia Pille
Vasu and Sandhya Pinapati
Jane Pine
Craig A. Piquette
Anton F. Pisote
John Plambeck
Mary L. Pleiss
Bryan Pleskac
Brent and Michelle Pohlman
R. Jay Poland
Chris and Jennifer Polenz
Irina Popa, M.D. and Michael Newcomb
Greg and Laurie Porter
Kari and Shane Potts
Derrick and Amber Powell
Carrie Powers
John Pratt
Leigh and John Prescott
Jay Priefert
Patrick Prince
Stephanie and John Pritchett
Sandi Proskovec
Carly R. Prouse
Joe Pruch
Frank C. Pruitt
Jim Pumfrey
Mike A. Quick
Lawrence and Carmen Quint
Julie A. Radil
David Ramcharan
Geoffrey Ramsey
Dean Rasmussen
Thomas Rasmussen
Lois A. Ratay
Karen E. Rau
Dorla and Mike Ray
Ronald W.Reagan
Robert Real
Ruth and Steve Rector
Pat and Larry Reding
B.J. Reed
David W. Reed
Mindy and Tim Reed
Michele M. Reed-Ball
Benjamin N. Reicks
Beau Reid
Jay Reilly
Bryan and Dixie Reinecke
Jeffrey Reiner
John Reinhardt
Connie and Michael Reinhart
Jeremy and Christy Reinoehl
Mary Renaud
Kevin and Linda Renner
Paula and Eric Renner
Thomas Rerucha
Julie Reyes and Family
Rex Rezac
Marvin Rhodes
Peder and Melissa Rice
Michael Rice
Remy W. Rice
James H. Rich III
Brent and Adrieene Richard
Amy Richardson
Lisa and Charles Richardson
Scott and Nicole Riche
Bob and Cindy Rieke
Kent and Karen Riesberg
Mary A. Rieschl
Stephen Riley
Tim and Karen Riley
Scott Ringler
Louise Rinn
Suzanne Ritchie
Rick Rivera
Doug and Beth Robey
Angela M. Rock
Kris Rock
Larry Rock and Dr. Melissa Garner
Kenny and April Rocker
Hector Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Mike and Kim Rogers
Nichol E. Rogers
Donald Rogerson
Laura Rogge
Todd B. and Janet M. Rogge
Bill and Carole Ann Rohan
Keith Rohwer
Keith and Nancy Rohwer
Debra Romberger
Karla and Christopher Romereim
Wayne and Eileen Ronci
James and Cathy Rose
Patricia Rose Egbert
Bill Rosenau
Rich and Lisa Rosenthal
Pam and Glenn Ross
Marcus Ross
Anthony Rosso
Alfred Roth
Michael and Patrice Roth
Jason P. Rothman
Randy and Robbie Rotschafer
Don Rowe
James and LaDona Rowings
Liz and Dan Rubin
Anup S. Ruia
Loree Runyan-Pick
Neil and Natalie Runyon
Patrick and Cynthia Rupp
Erin M. Russell
G. Richard and Carol L. Russell
James M. Russell
Joel Russell and Erin Swanson Russell
Keith Russell
Rob and Patty Russell
Timothy Ryan
Todd Rynaski
Ruth and John Sage
Craig and Molly Sall
Pallavi Samant
Steven J. Samson
Katie Sanders
Becky Sandiland
Barb and Chris Sanford
Edward T. and Jeanine L. Sankey
Lynn A. Sanne
Mike Santa Maria
Chrisitne M. Sanz
Deino Sather
Jeff and Maria Sauvageau
Rich Savage
Greg and Darbi Scaglione
Steven and Susan Scanlan
Scott R. Schaefer
Carrie and Jeff Schaffart
Kendall D. Scheer and Renay Robison
Claire and Jim Schelble
Greg and Lori Schilling
Stan Schleifer
Deborah J. Schlepp
Bob and Theresa Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt
John Schmitt
Steve Schmitz
Jim and Peg Schneider
Schomers Family
Dan Schonlau
Jeff W. Shovanec
Ann and Mike Schow
Karen Schrader, MPAS, PAC
Ryan and Rachel Schroer
Greg and Brandee Schultz
Philip M. Schultz
Robert S. Schulze
Thomas Schumacher
Teri A. Schwarz
Kevin and Shelly Schwedhelm
Kelle L. Scott
Tracy Scott
Adam and Cathy Scurlock
Kelly Seachord
Scott and Molly Searl
Juliann G. Sebastian
Jeffrey R. Sebree
Charles V. Sederstrom, Jr.
Jennifer Sedlacek on behalf of Markie Palmer
Brett and Marci Sesker
Jacob Setran
Michelle Settles
Scott Sevick
Mick and Marcia Shanahan
Kristine Shaner
Julie and Will Sheets
Jeffrey Sheldon
Kevin Shepherd
Jim Shields
Joseph R. Shields
Greg Shimonek
Michelle Shradar
Russel Shue
Karen M. Shuler
Jesse and Corrie Shumaker
Vicki Siderewicz
Ernest Sideris
Don Siebe
Chad and Melissa Siedlik
Darren and LeAnn Siekman
Robert Simard
Adam Simeon
Mark T. Simon
Jennifer LW Simpson
Steven Sinclair
Jasbir and Renu Singh
Michael Sitorius
Jessie Skain
Jennifer Skibbe
Daniel S. Slattery
William L. Sloane
Scot Sloboth
Leslie and Bryan Slone
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smiley
Carl Smith
Everett W. Smith
Ginger Smith
Gregory L. Smith
Pete Smith
Ryan O. Smith
Sarah Smock
Jim Smutny
Chuck and Karen Snow
Soda City Stand Up
Leonard and Kate Sommer
Dr. Michael and Shirley Sorrell
Catherine Sosso
Dennis and Peg Souba
Codi Soule
Mark Soulliere
Vern Spackman
Laura Sparks
Shirley Spieker
Dale L. Spier
Clint and Rebekah Sporhase
Karen and Tony Spurlock
Adam R. St Germain
Michael Staffenbeal
Steve and Kris Stapp
Kevin Stark
Scott Stark
Judy and Bill Startzer
Janene Steckelberg
Jason Steele
Julie A. Steele
Mattew Steele
Wayne Steele
Ms. Joy Stein
Mike Stemm
Michelle Stenslokken
James Sterling
Kurtis R. Stewart
Ginny Stichternath and Andrew Yarnell
Bradley K. Stock
Chris and Holly Stockman
Chris Stockwell
Grace Stoddard
Mary and Craig Stoffel
Katrina and Matthew Stoffel
Chadwick Storlie
Ray and Kay Ray and Kay Stoupa
Paul and Peggy Strawhecker
Ryan and Jenny Strawhecker
Robert and Sharon Stubbe
Patrick Student
Nannette Sudman
Matthew and Candy Suer
Jack Sullivan
Joseph T. Sullivan
Sandra Suver
Jim Svoboda
Michael Swartz
Twyla Swearingen
Deanna L. Swertzic
David and Elizabeth Szymanski
Jeff, Jeanie, and Sydney Taake
James and Kathy Talcott
Joanna and Mike Taylor
Phil Taylor
Ron and Joanie Tekippe
Tamara Teten
Tim and Daena Thalken
Betty and Gene Theel
Mary and Jim Theisen
Randy and Christa Thelen
Mike Thesing
Zach Theimann and Catherine Medici-Thiemann
Chad Thomas
Paul H. Thomas, Jr.
Steve and Lisa Thomas
William and Lu Ann Thommes
Ann Thompson, PA-C and Mike Thompson
Carolyn S. Davis
Dennis and Sherry Thompson
Karen and Steve Thompson
Kathy Thompson and Robert Rea
Kevin Thompson
Tim and Janis Thompson
Jill Thomsen and Mike Rogers
Wallace Thoreson
Rick and Laura Thornton
John Thurber
Greg and Jennifer Tiarks
Kathleen Tibke
Dina and Charles Tilgner
Sandy and Mark Tillwick
Ronald Tindall
Rick and Holly Tiwald
Regina M. Toman, PhD
Scott Tomasek
Gerry and Rosie Tomka
Janice Tompkins
Kevin Torczon
Ryan Tovey
Martin F. and Frances R. Traynor
Rob Trebilcock
David and Wendy Treinen
Kent Trelford-Thompson
Chad and Kathy Tremel
Douglas and Sherri Troupe
Sheila R. Trueblood
Garry Truman
Pam and Greg Twist
Gretchen Twohig
Scott and Julie Tylski
Marcus Tyrance
Deborah and Mark Uden
James Udvare
David and Tami Ulch
Joe and Christy Ulrich
Julia and Jim Ulrich
Sheri R. Uno
Mark Unverzagt
Kyle and Brooke Uptmor
Dalan Urquhart
Jennay Vacek
Thomas J. Vaiskunas
Les Valentine
Eric Van Beaumont
Ron Van Cleve
Ryan Van Cleve
Andrew Van Dyke
Greg and Karen Van Dyke
Matthew and Jennifer Van Haitsma
Robin Van Hove
Bobbie G. Van Oeveren
Travis W. Vanderpool II
Joel and Leslie VanderVeen
Jay and Amy Vankat
David VanSickle
Timothy Vasquez
Greta Vaught and John Ritland
Frank and Bryn Venuto
Julie and Yuri Veomett
LeAnne Vetter
Joan E. Villanueva
Julie Vlcek
Tony and Ryan Vojslavek
Leslie J. Volk
Tom and Sandy Von Riesen
Gary E. Voogd
Justin Vossen
Sherry and George (Bill) Wachtler
Jodi Wacker
Stephen Wade
Jeff and Ann Wageman
John Wagner and Carolyn McNamara
Matt Walker
David and Linda Waller
Anne Walsh
Kay L. Ward
Teresa Ward
Blake and Cami Warneke
Dave Warren
Rich Warren
Tara and Jeff Warren
Thomas H. Warren Sr.
Dana Washington
Carol Waszak
Joseph and Carol Waszak
Daniel J. Waters
Joshua Watkins
Mark and Diana Watton
Ryan J. Watzke
William J. Wax
David E. Weaver
Alan L. Weed
John A. and Judy M. Wees
Jim Wegman
James D. Wegner
Scott Weihrauch
Jim and Francie Weis
Kimberly Weiss
Roger Wells
Gary and Sharon Welna
Rod and Thyra Welsh
Kim and Guy Welton
Nicholas Wertzberger
Kenneth and Valerie West
Julia K. Westerfield
Dave and Lisa Westra
Donald Wetmore
Shane and Melissa Weyer
Wendy Whalen
John and Amy Wheeler
Sharon Wheeler
Andrew White
Brian M. White
Paul and Kris White
Chad Wieseler
Bill and LeeAnn Wilcox
Lisa Wiley
Linda amd W. Bruce Wilkie
Craig D. Wilkins
Michael Wilkins, M.D.
Edward E. Willett
Jo Williams and Steve Urban
Julie and Dave Williams
Pamela S. Williams
John and Laurel Willis
Carole and Andy Wilson
Carolyn Wilson
Maegen Wilson
Phyllis Wilson
Sarah A. Wiltse
Todd Wimmer
Tanya Winegard
Joe and Lori Wingerter
David Wirka
Dan Witthaus
Brandy Wojtkiewicz
Craig M. Wolf
Mark Wolf
Regina E. Wolf
Alice and Ed Woll
Kelly Wolterman
Vickie Wonder
Gerette and Russ Wonderly
Andrew and Lindsey Wong
Harvey Wood III
Angel Woodard
Sandra L. Woodrich
Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Rachel Woodring
Tom Wortmann
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Wright
Joann K. Wright
Sue and Ken Wright
Al Wunderlich
Jessica Wurtz
Andy Xydakis
Bill and Kirsten Yates
Gary and Helena Young
Heather and Wayne Young, Jr.
Donghui Yuan
Jason and Alyssa Zabloudil
Fred and Amanda Zach
Lorrie Zakrewski
Marcy and Steve Zauha
Sandra W. Zdan
Tom Zegers
Jess Zeiss
Sandy Zidon
Bradley G. Zielie
Sherri J. Zimmerman
Chris Zimmers
Carrie Zoucha

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