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Your gift supports more than 50 local programs that provide Basic Needs. Thank you to our partner Wells Fargo for matching donations up to $15,000!

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What are Basic Needs?

Just like a house needs a solid foundation to stand, we all need basic, foundational supports to succeed in life. You can dramatically change someone's life when you support local programs that provide shelter, health care, family support and access to other services.


Not having a home is devastating, isolating, and it leaves individuals feeling hopeless. You can offer the hope that helps someone turn their life around. By donating to Basic Needs, you help fund vital shelter programs that provide a safe place for individuals to rest, restore and learn about available community services so they can gain permanent housing and stability. You provide the opportunity they need to regain their strength and confidence so they can succeed in life and support others too.


We all need quality health care to live a happy, healthy life. When someone is unable to afford the care they need – or even more frustrating and worrisome, when they are unable to provide the care and healthy options their kids need – it can be hard for them to focus on anything else. Your donation can ensure that an individual or parent doesn’t have to make a decision between paying for rent or paying for a doctor visit. It can help families get access to the care they need so they can concentrate on building a better and brighter future for themselves and those they love most.

Family Support

Having children is one of the most rewarding, amazing experiences anyone can ever have. But even when a parent has all of the tools, resources and supportive family and friends to help them raise their child, it’s not an easy job and it can be incredibly stressful. Your gift can provide classes, mentors and other resources for parents who are facing tough situations and who may have never had someone to teach them parenting skills, child development basics, or how to build strong, healthy and safe relationships with others. Your donation ensures that a parent has the supports they need to be the best for their children.


There isn’t a rulebook to follow when tragedy or crisis hits, and it’s entirely overwhelming. When an individual is living paycheck-to-paycheck, these situations are particularly debilitating. They don’t know where to begin, who to turn to, or if they’ll be able to afford the assistance they need. It can feel like no one is in their corner, but you can change that. By supporting Basic Needs, your dollars can help make sure an individual in need can navigate their options and find the services that get them back on their feet.

You can give from the heart today

There are many different ways you can help support an individual or family to get back on their feet.

Your gift can put a roof over someone’s head, provide them with fresh and healthy food, give them access to mental health and domestic violence services, and so much more.


Every dollar up to $15,000 will be graciously matched by Wells Fargo!

You can also…

Purchase a Hygiene or Welcome Home Kit for families in need. 

Our goal is to assemble 500 kits that we will distribute to local shelters such as Siena/Francis House and Micah House to support families who have been affected by the recent flooding or who have fallen on difficult times.

Hygiene Kit Items

Welcome Home Kit Items

Explore Basic Needs Programs

There are several areas you help fund when you donate towards Basic Needs. We invite you to learn more about what your donation can do for families through these local basic needs programs.

Crisis Food

Your dollars provide food for those in immediate need – because one in seven individuals lacks reliable access to food.


Your dollars provide immediate short-term shelter – because many people with low incomes are at risk of homelessness.

Transitional Housing

Your dollars promote stability by helping individuals and families move toward more permanent housing.

Behavioral Health

Your dollars provide opportunities for individuals to strengthen their resiliency, ensuring they can navigate life’s challenges today and in the future.

Healthy Food

Your dollars increase the availability of nutritious food in our community and promote learning around nutrition and healthy food preparation.

Family Supports

Your dollars provide parenting education and home visits in order to set families up for success from the start.

Physical Health

Your dollars support positive health outcomes by influencing the environment and behaviors that allow people to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Access and Referral

Your dollars help connect individuals and families in need with community resources that can assist.

Why do we give?

Our donors share why they give, how it makes them feel, and what it means to them to give from the heart in the video below.

"I received the best gift today...

I cried happy tears today. I am very appreciative. I feel like I am making progress in life. I’ve found a better neighborhood for my daughter and myself. I have a better job than I had a couple years ago. Now I have a vehicle to match my personality and career and a chance to build my credit for even better things in the future. This is a win-win situation. This program is awesome. No gimmicks, just a genuine help.”

Nyesha, a beneficiary of the United Way donor-funded Ways to Work Program at Father Flanagan’s Boys Home after receiving her car.

"I always knew I could do this...

I just needed a little support and understanding.”

Renee, a beneficiary of the United Way donor-funded Emergency Shelters Services Program at Micah House.

"I never thought I would get to this point;

…having my own place and paying bills on my own. This just always seemed like it was out of my league.”

Brian, a beneficiary of the United Way donor-funded Eagle Heights Transitional Living Program at Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition.

“Deep down I knew...

 I wanted nothing more than to have a job and a place to stay, basically a normal life, but I didn’t know how to achieve that…I felt like I had nothing to offer the world and had absolutely no purpose in life. But the staff and my counselor helped me discover who I am as a person and helped me remember that I really am a good person with a lot to offer the world. I’m grateful to the Siena/Francis House for giving me the opportunity to get my life back.”

Joanna, a beneficiary of the United Way donor-funded Emergency Shelter, Meals and Rehousing and Reintegration Services Programs at Siena/Francis House.

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