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It is advantageous for donors to pay their contribution with certain stocks because they receive an income tax deduction for the entire fair market value of the stock without having to pay any capital gains tax on the appreciation (difference between their basis in the stock and its fair market value). In order to qualify for the full deduction, IRS regulations require that the donor must have owned the stock for a period long enough to classify any gain on its disposition as a long-term capital gain rather than ordinary income or short-term capital gain.


United Way of the Midlands began accepting donor designations for non-affiliates in 1981. Our Board of Directors retains the authority for establishing donor designation policies. Oversight for the operation of the donor designation program, including determination of eligibility is through the Community Impact Department. When a contributor designates all or part of his or her gift to an eligible agency, that gift will be transmitted, less a fee, to the agency according to the established procedures for designation. 

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