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My Gift of Hope


When you give to United Way, you gift hope.

Will you provide hope for a neighbor in need?

12 Days of Giving: Community Success Stories

“Here they said maybe you should go see a therapist, and this therapist, he really helped me change my whole thinking. I would have never done that if it wasn’t for The Stephen Center. I have a doctor I see,  keeps my leg from swelling up, gets my medication which I didn’t have none of that before. I’m very happy today and I never used to be a very happy person.”

John showed up at The Stephen Center after getting out of jail. He’d been homeless many times before. But there things began to change – John’s work ethic led to a job and for the first time in his life, United Way partnerships and your donation connected him to affordable housing, a doctor, and mental health care.

Without United Way donors, parents and long-time YMCA patrons Heather and Todd would not have been able to keep their son enrolled in the Charles E. Lakin YMCA early childhood education center when Todd unexpectedly lost his job. At the time they were worried about their son Tye’s speech and language development, but with daycare payments piling up they weren’t sure they could afford childcare that would offer him the support he needed. A United Way funded scholarship helped their family through this period and they were able to enroll both of their children in enriching Y programs.

“[Cameron] is my top priority and as long as he’s doing well, I’ll do well.”

When her son Cameron was born, Bridget didn’t have a place to live. Without access to mental health care, she starting using drugs again and almost lost Cameron forever. But that was a wake-up call. She sought assistance from programs at MICAH House and Heartland Family Service that provided stable housing and access to mental health care. Thanks to our donors, her and Cameron became a family again.

“This program has made a difference in my life and the lives of my sons.”

Even though she had a stable job and owned her own home, Camila was struggling to pay her bills and support her two sons, and her utilities were turned off. Through a program at Nebraska Children’s Home Society, she received support that helped her catch up on bills, sell her home and develop budgeting and savings goals. 

Many of us take breathing for granted, but Mr. Dunlap absolutely needed his oxygen concentrator to get through the day. That’s why our partner Help Medical Equipment was so vital when he reached out after having to return his equipment because he couldn’t afford the $350/month rental fee. When he was told he could rent a machine from HELP for just $120 a year, he was overcome with emotion. Imagine needing the support of a machine that you cannot afford to simply breathe, and waking up every day struggling without a way to fix your situation. Thank you so much to our donors for ensuring residents like Mr. Dunlap have access to affordable medical equipment!

“Part of why I stayed for so long is because he made me believe no one else would want me. But now I have hope.” 

Mallorie spent years in an abusive relationship with her two children but found the support and care she needed to leave through a Heartland Family Service program that your donation helps fund. Now she owns her own home, is working full-time and finishing her Business degree. 

“Back then I wasn’t caring about school, I didn’t care about my grades and now I’m motivated to come. I don’t want to be who I was back then. It’s good for me because, at home, I’m gonna be the first to graduate and go to college.”

The Latino Center of the Midlands reaches out to young people at a critical time – they’re missing school, lacking motivation and not thinking past graduation day. Aracely used to be one of those students. In the Latino Center of the Midlands Pathways Program, she discovered college was more than a dream thanks to our donors.

“This the best Joe has worked in a job in 5 years.” (Joe’s wife)

Joe had just gotten married, graduated, bought a home and started a new job when he experienced his first psychosis: hallucinations, anxiety, confusion. Your donation helps support a program at Community Alliance that helped him control his symptoms and get back to work, life and love. 

Let down by the adults in her life, Mahalia felt “broken, reckless, ending” when she first came to Omaha Home for Boys after living with a less than ideal foster parent. But United Way funded programs helped her obtain her state ID and learners permit, open bank accounts, and learn vital life skills. Mahalia graduated from those programs, started working at an area hospital and moved into her own apartment. Now she hopes to return to culinary school and open her own bakery. Thank you so much to our donors for giving Mahalia opportunities to realize all she is capable of and be proud of what she’s accomplished!

“When I come back to those memories, that makes me happy. This program can change your life. Having this opportunity, I decided to work hard all the time, at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, I work hard.”

The Latino Center of the Midlands reaches out to young people at a critical time – they’re missing school, lacking motivation and not thinking past graduation day. Felipe used to be one of those students. In the Latino Center of the Midlands Pathways Program, he discovered college was more than a dream thanks to our donors. 

“I mean, I was totally torn apart, struggling all the time. When Together Inc. came into my life, somebody believed in me. I see a bright future. It feels like I’ve accomplished goals that I’ve always wanted to do.” 

With community support and our donors’ help, Michaella ended a 10-year cycle of on-and-off homelessness. Through Together Inc. she was connected with United Way partners that helped provide career readiness skills that lead to her and her family’s stability.

What Your Dollars Can Do

$4 a month

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$20 a month

$80 a month

$130 a month

Why United Way?

More than 100,000 people in our metro live below the federal poverty level. More than 1,500 are homeless on any given night. Around 97,000 residents aren’t sure where their next meal will come from.

But – together we’re getting these neighbors back on their feet.

When you give to United Way, you give to more than 110 local nonprofits that provide critical supports across three vital areas: Basic Needs, Education and Financial Stability. With United Way, your dollars go further.

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  1. Checks or cash. You can mail a check or stop by and see us at our office at 2201 Farnam St., Ste. 200, Omaha, NE, 68102. Please call 402-342-8232 or email support@uwmidlands.org if you have questions. Our office is closed December 24th – 26th and the 31st.
  2. Gift in Stocks. Make your gift sustainable through your stock portfolio. United Way of the Midlands uses StockCross Financial to process stock contributions. To give securities, please visit our Stock Contributions page.
  3. All donations to United Way of the Midlands are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For donations made online, you will receive a confirmation email. For gifts made over $250, you will receive a thank you letter in the mail. Both serve as a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution.
  4. Please reach out to your tax preparer for guidance on the benefits of itemizing your deductions.

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