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These amazing community partners can help make your campaign thrive this year!

Fundraise for a good cause, support local business AND save yourself time and effort! We are so excited to work with amazing local business partners that can help make your fundraising campaign seamless and special. Explore below and find the right fit for you and your team today!

Rocket Car Wash

Clean your car for a cause!
Please see below for details regarding how you can partner with Rocket Carwash today!


Rocket Carwash


• Purchase a Rocket Carwash for $10 ($23.99 value) and Rocket Carwash will donate $6 back to United Way of the Midlands.

• All carwashes purchased can be used at any Rocket Carwash location and are valid for 12 months.

• Washes are delivered automatically via text message and are giftable through any digital format.

• Sign up your company to partner with Rocket Carwash through your UWM representative. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Make Your Team “Nothing Bundt Happy”
New Partner Details Coming Soon!


Please see below for details regarding how you can partner with Nothing Bundt Cakes today!


Nothing Bundt Cakes www.nothingbundtcakes.com


Contact Information: 
Dawn Inzauro – Nothing Bundt Cakes, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator
Cell:  402-359-0453
Email: dawn.inzauro@nothingbundtcakes.com
Address 1: Ambrust Village
2921 S 168th Street Omaha, NE 68130
Address 2: One Pacific Place
10347 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68114


• Nothing Bundt Cakes (NbC) will work directly with your company to set up campaign fundraising sales.
• Your company will reach out to Dawn via email or cell phone (email preferred).
• All products will be decorated with a Fall theme if your campaign is in the Fall. If the campaign runs during a different time of year, Nothing Bundt Cakes will have the event and decorations coincide with the closest holiday.
• Offered for sale are:
◦ Individual bundtlets ($5 each or buy 5 for $20 -This ONLY applies when the event is ON SITE),
◦ Decorated bundt cakes ($32, $42), and
◦ Decorated bundtinis (12 for $26).


1. Arrange with NbC to sell on-site at your company if your company has 300 or more employees (in desired location – typically lobbies or areas with high traffic); Decorations are based on the time of year the event occurs.
2. Arrange with NbC to do a pre-order sale – this allows employees to order prior to NbC coming on-site for an event so they don’t have to wait in line OR this is an option for companies with less than 300 employees. The Pre-Sale event has a pre-determined ordering window set by NbC.  The employees can call the bakery and order or the company can take the orders with a form with selections provided by NbC.  Some companies that do this offer payroll deduction. NbC delivers the product to the business for the employees to pick up on a predetermined date agreed upon by NbC and the company.  NbC needs ten days in between ordering time frame and delivery date. ***The Buy 5 for $20 and individual bundlets are not for sale in this pre-order format.


• A flyer produced by NbC will be sent to company to print off or send out via email to employees including NbC and United Way of the Midlands (UWM) logos. Click here to download the flyer or click the button below.
• A UWM poster will be displayed (if possible) at your event (ordering/pick-up table).
• Materials will be posted to the UWM HQ site.


• Requests are based on a first-come, first-served basis; however, NbC will attempt to accommodate all requests.
• Events will run from August through the first week in December; NbC can also accommodate Q3 and Q4 Campaigns (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day).


• NbC will accept cash and credit card on-site at your company’s location; some companies have set up forms and used payroll deduction for on-site events or pre-order sales.
• NbC will work with your company to set up payment of 20% of sales, these options include NbC:
◦ Sending a check written to UWM to the Campaign Manager, who will place it in an envelope to UWM with other donations
◦ Sending a check written to your company to the Campaign Manager; your company will write a check to UWM and place in an envelope to UWM with other donations
• NbC will send UWM a report of all funds raised by your campaign in December 2021 or June 2022 (if you have a spring campaign).


Pick Your Pronto Pack and Support UWM!
Please see below for details regarding how you can partner with Biaggi’s today!


Biaggi’s www.biaggis.com


Contact Information: 
Zach Link, Manager
13655 California St, Omaha, NE 68154
(402) 965-9800

Amy Goddard, Marketing Director
(309) 445-6620


• For online sales, employees will use a coupon with a specific code that donates 20% of their purchase towards United Way of the Midlands (UWM) on behalf of your company’s campaign.
◦ To get your specific code, contact Maureen Irish at mirish@uwmidlands.org.


1. Arrange with Biaggi’s to promote onsite at your kick-off meeting or in your lobby with restaurant information (including Pronto Pack descriptions and online ordering instructions); Contact the manager, Zach Link to participate (zlink@biaggis.com or 402-965-9800).
2. Your company promotes to its employees online (URL coming soon!) – Your organization will receive a flyer that includes your specific code.


• Your company will receive 20% of the proceeds from online sales of Pasta Pronto Packs and Entree Pronto Packs at Biaggi’s that will be included in your campaign results.


• A flyer is available on the UWM HQ site. Click here to download the flyer or click the button below.
• Your company will send the flyer via email to employees or print it off and post it in workspaces.  Each flyer will have a code specific to your organization.


• This is available from August through December; can also extend to spring campaigns in 2021.


• Biaggi’s will tally sales and write a check to UWM on behalf of your company.

Corky Canvas

Paint your way to a stronger community!
Please see below for details regarding how you can partner with Corky Canvas today!

Corky Canvas www.corkycanvas.com

Contact Maureen Irish at mirish@uwmidlands.org. Maureen will work with you and Ashton Porter, Manager of the Corky Canvas, to make arrangements.
• Corky Canvas needs two weeks’ notice from the date of the event.

• United Way of the Midlands is partnering with Corky Canvas to offer a special event where guests have the opportunity to create a painting through a class led by an experienced instructor.
• Corky Canvas will donate 28% of the ticket price back to United Way of the Midlands, which will go directly to the company’s campaign!

• Option 1: In-studio class at Corky Canvas (need a minimum of 12 people participating, max capacity is 50.

• Option 2: At the office. Corky Canvas is available to come to your company, 18 participant minimum.

• Option 3: Take if Virtual: Companies can hold a fully virtual event and follow along to a live class.

• Your company will receive 28% of the proceeds from ticket price will go back to United Way of the Midlands and will be included in your campaign results.

  • Your team can choose to create one painting from the gallery to create during the class, gallery Link: https://www.corkycanvas.com/canvas-gallery/
  • Each guests will receive a kit of materials to create the painting selected for the class. The kits include:
    • Canvas: the canvas size varies based on the painting selected. The sizes are: 11×14, 16×20, and 10×20
    • Paint
    • Brushes
    • Instructions (for extra help)
    • Paper towels
  • To get started, contact Maureen Irish at mirish@uwmidlands.org. Maureen will work with you and Ashton Porter, Manager of the Corky Canvas, to make arrangements.
    • Corky Canvas needs two weeks’ notice from the date of the event.


  • The $35 ticket price includes a kit with all of the materials needed for the class and a two hour class taught by a professional Corky Canvas instructor.
  • Way of the Midlands will receive $10 donated back from each ticket, 28% of the ticket price.
  • Drinks are an additional cost if hosting the event at Corky Canvas.

Krispy Kreme

Let’s Raise Some Dough!
Please see below for details regarding how you can partner with Krispy Kreme today!



Krispy Kreme https://www.krispykreme.com/fundraising/home



Krispy Kreme Fundraising was created in 1955 to provide a way for qualifying community organizations to raise funds for their worthwhile causes. Last year, Krispy Kreme Fundraising helped organizations raise over $37 million to support their initiatives. Krispy Kreme Fundraising is here to help you Raise Some DOUGH for United Way of the Midlands!



Purchase Fundraising Products at a discounted price and hold a One-Day Sale at a high-traffic location of your choice. Recommended locations include local grocery stores, drug stores, shopping malls, religious services, or parks.

Pre-sell Fundraising Products over a one- or two-week period using our Order Forms. At the end of your Pre-Sell period, tally up and place your order of Fundraising Products. Pick up and distribute products to your supporters.

Click here to learn more


You get to choose your selling price so you can determine how much you want to raise for United Way.

T-Shirt Fundraiser

COVID-19 has forced employers to make difficult decisions, creating an entirely new demographic: people who are newly in-need, out of work, taking care of loved ones.. with no idea where to turn.

Suddenly, thousands more people are struggling to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and health care. Because children have spent less time in the classroom, many are at higher risk of falling behind. And as the economy remains in recession, a staggering number of people still lack stable jobs.

When you buy a t-shirt from United Way of the Midlands, the proceeds from your purchase will be invested in basic needs programs that are providing food, shelter and more for people in need right here in our community. By helping our neighbors meet their basic needs, you help them get on their feet and start down the path to stability during difficult times like these.


  • Multiple color options are available. Sizes up to 5XL.
  • Orders will be placed together on the 1st and 15th of each month. Delivery will be 7-10 days after the according date.
  • Employees will record their company while checking out, so your campaign will receive credit for their purchase.

Online Auction Tools

Please see below for details regarding how you can take your auction virtual this year!


1.   Utilize OneCause’s mobile bidding platform.

Company: OneCause https://www.onecause.com/

Details: OneCause has built a reputation as the premier mobile bidding software and is offering companies running campaigns with United Way of the Midlands during the 2021-22 campaign season a 50% discount on the mobile bidding platform for those who sign by October 31, 2021.  The software is normally $2,495, and will exclusively be offered at $1,250.

Contact: Cory Dahl | cdahl@onecause.com | 715.379.9093



2.   Utilize a free or cost-effective auction platform.

Company: 32 Auctions https://www.32auctions.com/

Free Package Details: Feature up to 20 auction items, Mobile-friendly platform, 1 image per item, Third-party ads run on the free package, Customized auction link, Instant outbid notices, Display a fundraising goal meter, Custom privacy settings

Want to upgrade? The pricing options for upgrades are based on the individual features needed. For example, if you want up to 100 auction items, the price is $30. If you do not want any third party ads to appear, the price is $40. This customized pricing allows for you to cater the auction to the needs and wishes of your company.

Donation Collection Options: Bidders can pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Stripe account. Offline payment options are also offered for convenience. When bidders choose to process their card on the site, there is a transaction fee of 2.9% + $.40 per online payment.

Demo: https://www.32auctions.com/32auctionsDemo

Company: Winning Cause https://www.winningcause.org/

Free Package Details: There is a free “Just Bid Sheets” package for in-person auctions as well as a “Better Than Free” Option (Paid with bidder gratuities). This option includes: Unlimited auction items, Unlimited images per item, Customization options, Subsidized CC Processing rates, Auto checkout, 20 admins on the account, Priority email support, No seller’s fee, 9% service gratuity donations, No annual subscriptions, Unlimited bidders

Want to upgrade? The “Ultra-Competitive” package is ($60/year) and offers the same options as the package above with a few differences – a 2.5% seller’s fee and a 2.5% service gratuity donation.

Demo: https://www.winningcause.org/all-auctions.html


3.  Use your company’s internal platform, like Google Docs or OneNote, as virtual bid sheets.

General implementation strategy:

1. Create a PDF of auction items:

  • Input auction items and images into a PDF with package descriptions
  • Include the minimum raise for each item as well as the minimum bid for each item
    • Consider adding a “Buy now” option at a large donation amount for bidders who simply cannot part with an auction item

2. Create a Google sheet to serve as your virtual bid sheet:

  • Add the package names and package number of each auction item as individual pages in the sheet
  • On each auction item sheet, add the name of the package, minimum bid, minimum raise, and spaces for bidders to add their name and bid amount

3. Open the auction:

  • Send the PDF and Google sheet to employees when bidding opens and let employees know when the auction will close
  • Have bidders type their name and bid amount in the sheet on the auction items they hope to win
    • The sheets will update in real-time as more employees place their bid

4. Close the auction:

  • When the auction is scheduled to close, the admin that created and owns the sheet will adjust the sharing settings so that no one besides the admin is able to edit the sheet
  • Send a follow-up email for employees with winning bids to complete a pledge form or pay for their auction items right away


4.  Resources to support implementation:

Utilizing Google Forms:


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