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Board Chair and CEO Letter

Welcome to United Way of the Midlands 2016-2017 online annual report. We’re honored to serve an organization that is doing so much in our community to lift up those who need it.

But even more, we’re proud to be part of a community that gives so much to help our neighbors. United Way of the Midlands works to ensure access to healthy food, physical and mental health services, safe and affordable housing, as well as academic support. We help individuals and families attain their full potential by investing in programs that ensure children come to school prepared to learn and succeed, and improving the financial stability of local residents by helping them develop the fundamental skills needed to gain and sustain employment. It’s a daunting job, but with your support, we’re up to the task.

This is an exciting crossroads for us – UWM is in a two-year cycle investing dollars in a network of support, with clear measurable goals. You’ll read about our first year of progress in this report. It’s so valuable to be able measure our advancement toward our goals, and make adjustments as necessary. We’re applying the same rigorous standards to ourselves that our Community Investment Review Team applies to our recipient agencies. Overall, we are very pleased with our progress, and we think you will be, too. Over the two-year cycle, United Way will invest approximately $38.6 million into our community.

As part of our push to be more efficient, this year’s Annual Report is only available online – saving the costs of printing and mailing. If you want more details about United Way of the Midlands, our goals and successes, we encourage you to visit us online at UnitedWayMidlands.org.

We are fortunate to work on behalf of the many corporate and individual donors in our community. With more than 40,000 donors, including the 250+ members of our Tocqueville Society, whose leadership sets the standard for generous investment, over 600 companies running workplace giving campaigns, 56 agencies, and thousands of volunteers from every walk of life, the United Way of the Midlands truly is a community treasure.

Your generosity with both your time and your money gives us the ability to do what we do for our community. You’ll see the results of your help in the success stories we are able to share, and in the more than 120 programs we support across the community. Thank you for your support and being part of this important work.

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